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LINK Dutch church holds 800-hour service to protect family from deportation - CNN

*A church in the Netherlands is holding an around-the-clock service that has lasted more than 800 hours, to shield a family from deportation.

Under Dutch law, police officers are not permitted to enter a church while a religious service is taking place. So, for more than a month, hundreds of pastors and volunteers from across the country have been meeting to maintain the 24/7 service in support of an Armenian family whose asylum claim has been rejected.*

By ailurophile
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At least it can be said that they actually used the church for something useful for a change.
Though I doubt that, just like prayer, it will do any real good.

Triphid Level 7 Dec 2, 2018

That is what the church should be.

HippieChick58 Level 9 Dec 2, 2018

Mutual protection ..🌎✊

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