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'Sticks and stones may break my bones but words may never hurt me!'

I remember that old saying. I sometimes feel like our culture is forgetting what this means. What do you think?

MrControversy 7 Feb 12

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I think that phrase is insensitive,victim blaming BS


I think it's bullshit. Words hurt. Sometimes the wounds never heal. Language matters.

from the people you love or care about yes they do but strangers I just don't let bother me


Coming from an abusive dysfunctional family sometimes words hurt as much.


This old saying has NEVER been true. It was not true in this nation's earliest days, when the wrong word could get you killed (if, for instance, someone decided that the word "witch" applied to you) and it most certainly is not true now. Words CAN hurt you just as much as sticks and stones and sometimes in far more insidious ways. Words are often crueler than physical violence; their effect can be longer-lasting; and indeed, they can be deadly.


I don't know, words don't hurt me. Someone can call me all the names they want and I will just turn around and throw out some of my own. Some people don't like the c word, but it is one of my favorite words out there lol. I just think some people are just a little too overly sensitive.


I think whomever came up with that saying probably wrote a lot of threatening letters to their enemies and used that phrase to excuse it.


I think it's good to respect others, but society has become super sensitive in the past decade or so. There is a difference in being offended by insults and verbal abuse, and being offended by criticism or difference of opinion etc. Sometimes I just let insults slide anyway. I'm confident enough to not care. Sometimes I take offense. It could be a thin red line though.

The comedy world has taken a huge hit because of this. I like comedy, even "offensive" comedy. As long as something isn't "malicious". A lot of comedians have stopped doing shows, especially at colleges. Some have even stopped producing material. What kind of world would it be if the only comedians we had were milk toast Jerry Seinfelds? Comedians get letters from EVERY group known to man that are offended by their jokes. Movie producers as well. The list is endless. We would be a society of nothing in terms of art or entertainment if this goes further to the extreme, or at least nothing too entertaining.

I review movies sometimes on a website. I see people posting "trigger warnings" to people who would be offended by stuff like someone eating a chicken sandwich or eggs if they are a vegan. It's getting ridiculous folks.


In my youth I used sticks and stones for some words said. They were never repeated to my face... I know that much.


@MrControversy That's what happens when a "little" minority-elected sexual predator sets the standard low.


I think that I grew up with my parents and siblings calling me stupid, worthless, ugly, etc. That affected my self-esteem which affected my forming relationships.

In otherwords, words DO hurt you.

As a result of my horrifically mentally abusive upbringing I refused to allow any name calling in my house. I was not about to raise my children like I was raised. It did cause some problem with boyfriends "playing around", but my children come first.


Gotta take it in a case-by-case basis.

I'm sure you can express your beliefs and views without debasing others and without it being hateful.

Jim Jeffries, an AUS comedian, says that there are no boundaries to what can be made fun of.

He also says that if a joke could be off putting, it's gotta be REALLY funny. To me this means that the joke must be REALLY funny so that no one can confuse it as anything but a joke.


For years I have kept this quote taped to refrig.
..." innocent and powerless as they are, as standing in a dictionary, how potent for good and evil they become in the hands of one who knows how to combine them." Nathaniel Hawthorne.


I completely agree


I completely agree with you @MrControversy. (Awesome SN BTW) I'm a millennial but I was raised old school. People these days need to be less sensative and learn to let it roll off their backs. If that fails, walk away, or throw down if you have to. The thing people are really missing these days is connection. Sure we are all connected here on the nice safe internet, but how do you feel about the real world?

I went to a distinguished East coast prep school, but they were open to letting my nemesis and I box eachother to settle certain disputes. This only happened once but it actually brought us together. I would not call him a friend but we do occasionally have a beer at the bar and catch up.

The old school way is often times the better way I find. Glad you like my SN! Thanks!


Too many young lives have been damaged and lost with cyberbullying that proves the old saying false.

Betty Level 7 Feb 12, 2018

I think that's a cultural phenomenon. It's the negative thing that people focus on that is the flavor. The reality is that some people are prone to self destructive behaviors. The blamed cause is superficial, especially on line. You can just block people, or not use sites that might trigger you. Point is the desire is there, regardless of the justification.


The reason the pen is mightier than the sword is because a flesh wound can be seen healing, and offers a full recovery, whereas a mental cut cannot be viewed by the naked eye, there is no ointment you can apply on it, and the scar tissue left behind is easily aggravated. Words hurt


Yes, words can wound. But, I personally feel like freedom of speech is being put aside at an alarming rate due just to people thinking that they have a right to not be offended. If we were to censor everything potentially offensive, we would lose our first amendment rights.

@Teslacoilsmith Who was that comedian who, when addressing "I'm offended" replied, "Soooo what!"


I remember that, too. Unfortunately, some people's words can cause pain, and can also ruin lives.

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