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Do you think I have stepped on someone's toes here by my views?

Humanlove 7 Feb 12

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I don't like your views on somethings, I think you have issues with women. Also I think instead of just plainly putting your point out there, you go for a weird mind f*** kind of thing..
BUT in saying that, you are not here to impress me, we are all free here. If I don't like what you have to say that is my issue and I keep can keep on scrolling past your posts if I want, But I think you are a intelligent man.
So I totally agree with KKGator. πŸ™‚ So keep being you.

Sacha Level 7 Feb 12, 2018

Huts down for you Sacha.

@0752532706 Hats?


Does it really matter whether you have or not?

Well, it matters when it gets personal.

@0752532706 So, in the future, just try harder not to let it get personal. If you know there's someone you've offended, simply apologize. If they accept it, great. If they don't, you tried. Nothing more to be done about it.

@KKGator I always try but if I screw up I will be the first to apologize. Otherwise it's best to ignore the sore toesers.

@KKGator good advise.


Probably. They'll survive. How dull things would be if we all agreed on everything !


Be a fairly boring site if we all just agreed with each other about everything. Just sayin'.


We are all entitled to our own opinions. There is nothing wrong when you disagree with someone else's view. Intelligent and open conversations are a good way to learn from each other, and to keep a dialogue going. You will go through life and find that everyone does not think the same way that you do, or have the same views that you do. That is one reason that I like this site. It is the opposite of a lot of religions who expect you to have the same beliefs and judges you unfavorably if you do not. Keep posting.

Yes, I love diversive ideas and opinions.


That is the nature of people. Sometimes we step on toes and sometimes we dance.

Betty Level 8 Feb 12, 2018

This is a place for debate and diversity.

I some times think so.


That's why people have shoes.



You don't step on toes by having views--no matter how unpopular.
You don't step on toes by expressing views--no matter how unpopular.

You step on toes by being rude and/or inconsiderate. Were you rude and/or inconsiderate?

I disagree. I have gotten a few (and one just now) from someone who thought my views that I expressed as so were pointed at him. He told me to keep my ideas to myself and not include him. When one talks in generalities there will always be someone who sees specifics and takes it personally. We can't assume everyone who is here is fully sane (we all can a bit crazy at times especially these times).

No,I wasn't

@JackPedigo I see your point. I don't accept responsibility for someone else's lack of boundaries, inability to make distinctions, or poor reading comprehension. If I speak in generalities and someone takes exception, I would characterize it by saying they stubbed their own toes with no help from me. I am fully confident in this stance because I, as a rule, am very careful and deliberate with my words and err on the side of being deferential to the feelings of others. If anyone gets offended by some offhand remark of mine, it's nothing with which I need concern myself. I'm not in favor of bending conduct to the will of the immature. Let them bend theirs.


not that I have noticed, I think most are pretty thick skinned.


I wouldn’t worry about it. Ooops. I mean I don’t worry about it.


IMO silly question.......sweet, but silly

Oh oh..


if you're not, you're probably not doing it right.


I think this question means you are looking for validation.

I vaguely remember you disagreeing with me about something but didn't/don't care enough to be upset about it

No,I have never at any single time sought validation, even before I came to US,I am a fighter and I need no one's validation. I am not in the category you insert me.

@0752532706 Ok. I see no reason to not accept your explanation. But why did you ask the question then? Yeah you want to know if you stepped on toes but WHY do you want to know?

@SherryMartin It helps me know the community deeper.


We all step on toes at some point and time when we express our opinions. It's the bitter sweet part of life into agony and enlightenment. After we step into the ability to acknowledgement from our parents, teachers, and peers, there's no avoiding it. Only worry if you have a habit of creating more chaos than enlightenment!

Haha, it's true I am controversial but I don't create chaos.



Oh oh


Maybe you danced too close or may be the dance partner is the one out of step. Do not worry.


This is a sight for more rational people. Not all of us agree with each other. But on this sight if you have an opinion about something that you think is true, feel free to share and back your argument up with any evidence you have to encourage an intellegent debate/conversation

That's what I do believe in too but some times but some times....mmmh

That's what I do believe in too but some times but some times....mmmh


I don't think so


Dunno. Let's see your posts and comments. Oh sh*t! Yes. Yes you have. πŸ˜› Just kidding.

From your background I can only begin to understand where your "...I am someone who follows my own thinking. I represent my own views, the views that shape themselves basing on my own life experiences. I have no sides..." attitudes were developed.

Even if you have stepped on others' toes - figuratively speaking, you, at least, back it up with action - literally speaking. E.g.: your defense of the GLBTQ community by initiating action groups (e.g. Sexual Minorities Uganda) and speaking at conferences.

What I'm saying is that: even if you may have stepped on others' toes, some of those could be justified. I'm not saying all are justified because I didn't read all your posts and comments. I only read your bio and some of the snippets of your posts and comments. And I base what I say here from that.

The take away from this could be that you have other critically minded people here to state your ideas and views. Others may learn something from you posts. And you may learn something from others' posts. Life is a learning process after all, isn't it?

I agree with you SanKerry.


People do not have a right to wallow through their lives unoffended by their own stupidity so don't worry about it. The only time you should worry is if everyone agrees with you all the time because then you do not live in a free country!


Not that I noticed. But I have rugged toes and just might have forgotten.

Hehe..oh oh


Maybe, shit happens


I disagreed with you on a post but that's fine, no hard feelings.

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