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Minority rule is a myth. The protections of the electoral system and the senate were to keep large cities from dictating policy for the rural, and vice versa. This cannot be an educated article as the author does not even talk out how the senate was originally comprised. The system of checks and balances went out of whack when the senate was changed to elected senators by the 17th amendment. The states themselves had their rights removed from the federal government. What you have now is already what the author is asking for. 100% elected government.

Combining the senate and congress into a unified group is absolutely ignorant. The powers are divided between them for a reason. To resist consolidation of power. To consolidate power, will start to unravel what makes our government unique, and work it towards totalitarianism


He was my rep for, well longer than I’ve been alive, and his wife is now. I agree with everything he says here.

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