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That's fine.......always remember WHO put the Twitter train in motion 🙂


All democrats in Congress need to dig deep and hard to uncover evidence of Trump cabal ,misdeeds, and make sure that the public knows the facts which incriminate them. Let the public do the angry labeling .

Democrats need to dig deep into their own motivations—they continue to promote wars, fracking, financial institutions, all to satisfy their corporate donors. Trump is exposed, and even if he is removed from office, we’re left with the same leadership that has engineered the transfer of wealth to the already wealthy. AIC is not out to get Trump. She’s out to expose Democrats for the corporatist party it is, to hold it accountable to the people.


I admire her spirit, but Ocasio-Cortez is a senator now. She doesn't have to protest, she can work for change from her position.

Congress(insert gender) not Senator.

@Veteran229 Isn't that the same thing?

@Closeted The house of representatives known loosly as congress. The senate known as the senate. Both are declared in the constitution as houses of congress. Which is why opinion polls on the job of congress must be taken worth a grain of salt. They just say Congress, and never the house or senate or both. But the house of representitives seems to be implied. Much as your confusion is exampled here.

@Closeted This is why the correct nomenclature is representative. or Rep. as its seen in the media.

@Closeted, @Maindawg She is a congressperson. However she serves in the lower half of the congress, the House of Representatives. The upper half is the Senate and each state gets two and are referred to as Senators. The House is made up of a number representatives from each state, depending upon the population of the state. I don't mean to talk down to you, I am trying for clarity.


Trump was sent to Washington for the same reason. To not play nice.

Trouble is, he hasn't drained it. He plugged it and added more noxious species to it.

@HippieChick58 I cannot help that, just as I cannot help any politician who fails to live up to expectations.

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