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What are you most passionate about?

What get's you going in the morning; the things you can't begin to live without? What makes you smile, and glow. What are your favorite things in life?

TravisEllis 4 Feb 13

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Helping to change the world one word at a time, Science Fiction, and Fieros.

Gohan Level 7 Feb 14, 2018

Helping people to live their most satisying life.


Developing perfect compassion for all beings. Bodhicitta. Loving kindness.


Art & Cooking & Food..


The sheer magnificence and glory of the natural world.


The pursuit of a rational, scientific, socially equitable world free of mysticism, supernaturalism, and religion.


Animal rights


Writing. One of my main goals is to normalize atheism and to remove the stigmas in my country by presenting a character that starts out a Christian but becomes an atheist by the middle of the book. The character is already cared for by the transition and ends up becoming an even better person afterwards.


Being out in nature..LOVE it. It heals my soul, and I try to take early morning bird photograph hikes each day.

The photo is of Willets I saw on Caladesi Island, FL


Living things, my dog or cat or kids waking me, the birds that go crazy when I go outside, the geckos that jump off everything I pick up, having a tree snake slide down my arm while I am picking fruit. blue tongue lizard stealing raspberries out of my bowl while I am picking them, frogs going nuts if they think it is going to rain. I go for a beach walk of an afternoon, crabs running everywhere, at night the bats fighting outside my window, geckos eating mosquitoes against the glass, curlews running down the street like a flight of banshees. I love being surrounded by living things, I could never live in a city.'re turning me on with all the wild animal references..
At least toward returning to Australia again..such a birding paradise (sigh). But I have geckos running around my own walls here in Thailand, although I'm in an apartment building, near, but not on the beach.

Pic is of a common sun skink eating a centipede near my place, outskirts of Songkhla, Thailand

wow, I have some with similar markings, but thinner, don't think mine would handle a centipede though

@Rugglesby But then common sun skinks are eaten by Common Kingfishers!
This was photographed near my place also.




Food, music (listening and creating), family, the Yankees (MLB) and the Giants (NFL), and close friends. Not necessarily in that order. Maybe some other things.


Learning and pedaling my bike as much as I can.


My four dogs 🙂 They make me smile constantly, they are awesome!


Learning, a good cup of coffee and decent place to camp.

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