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How would you like to see change?

I really enjoy this site and I am enjoying being part of this community. What changes would you make, or what would you like this site to add in order to add to the experience?

RobH86 7 Feb 13

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Yeah, I'd like to see better dating features, but I've just about given up on that.


Hi @robH86, are you one of the owners/administrators? There is thread started by @admin that seeks suggestions. I'm a little confused. What changes do you want to see? Have you relayed that to @admin?

Thanks for tagging me. Happy when members take initiative like this 🙂

No I am not an owner just a member, and I did not realise that you could send suggestions to the admin. so thanks. still glad however to have asked this question if only to get a feel how others are enjoying the site


When they post the %s , I believe what they are supposed to represent is how close someone comes to what I'd like to find . But it would be helpful to also see how close I am , to what they are hoping to find . For instance , someone may be shown as being 80+% to me , but I may only be a 20% to them .

I just coded this up to see how different the 2 scores are. They are 0-15% different mostly because the weights are slightly different if we don't know about your preferences than if we don't know about theirs. Just remember that the scores are just an algorithm. 🙂


An app

iPhone app is going live this week (fingers double crossed).



NNOOOOOOOO!!! No change please 🙂

Says the frog in the pot of nice warm water...

@Admin Hahahahaha


Can we already change the color scheme of the website? I was looking around and I don't see a setting for that.

Perhaps when we roll out the new skin... 🙂

@Admin that is exciting!


I can't think of any, it is good as it is, maybe serve a coffee with every 10th post?
I think the new groups feature is a winner.

Agreed. Its a good addition.


More cowbell.

What? you think this is some sort of blue oyster cult! 😉


none really with their help we make the site


Hmm...I can't think of anything at the moment, except that increased membership will give more dating choices in your location.

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