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Does having an avatar make people more civil on line?

I've noticed that I'm more likely to be nicer to people who have an avatar. The more real the avatar the more I feel compassion for the person I'm talking to. It doesn't have to be a picture of the person, just a picture of something I recognize as having basis in reality. Do you find the presence of an avatar makes you more sympathetic?

jayneonacobb 7 Feb 13

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Not really. An amusing or ironic avatar are fun to see but may simply obscure the person's true character.


I don’t think so, not for me, anyway. I try to treat people with respect regardless if there’s a pic or not. Recognition is a different story.

I'm talking about subconciously, but that is a good policy.


I think the key word in my post is "nicer." I'm not saying I'm mean to those without avatars, just that I have more empathy towards someone with a profile picture. I find anonymity doesn't build much trust.


In your case, the name is enough, I am a big firefly fan.


Not for me, I am almost always civil, even polite. Underneath it all I am seething mass of raw emotion! haha


Nope. There is a person behind the account, pic or no pic.

2 perhaps.
But if you mean Fb...Lololololololololol


No. I pay attention to content. If someone doesn't have an avatar and they shared some misfortune, are you going to be less compassionate toward them simply because they don't have an avatar?


I don't think that it does. An avatar is still a mask and masks allow peeps to feel anonymous.


I've been vacillating on whether to post an avatar pic. Thank you for helping me decide not to.

@AMGT Rightbackatcha, sister!


Yes, it does. Now bugger off! (I really don't know. I suspect it makes a difference for some people, as the perception of anonymity can make people behave poorly according to some studies I've read, but I don't think I'm discourteous to people who don't have a profile pic — at least no more so than to those with a profile pic.)


It doesn't make any difference to me. I hope I am always kind and sympathetic.

I think you are.

@KKGator Thank you!!


It does humanize them/ us (I hope).. Actually, some of them I find intoxicatingly distracting 😀

Varn Level 8 Feb 13, 2018



You're pretty cute, so my guess is that seeing your avatar inspires plenty of goodwill among straight women.


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