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Astral projection

What are your thoughts on astral projection

mangro 5 Feb 13

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If you believe hard enough your mind can convince you it is real, but, guess what you are still stuck inside your head.


I've experimented with it for decades but never under labratory conditions. Results vary but I've created some of my best literary and performance art on my "journeys".

Regardless of the validity of any research conducted I find it a useful creative and meditative tool which, for me, transcends any "reality" of it.


I had what meets the definition of "out of body" experiences as a child being molested.........think they were just a way to dissociate.


People report experiences of "astral projection" enough to suggest there may be some sort of psychology taking place that causes the effect, but I agree with @Icolan and @Cynical-Lion - it has all the hallmarks of woo and would need some pretty remarkable evidence to suggest it actually happens.

I remember reading of a surgeon who became interested after numerous patients reported OOBEs, so, before carrying out operations, he would hide a high-denomination banknote on top of a cabinet in the operating theatre where it couldn't be seen by anyone walking on the floor but would be very obvious to anyone floating near the ceiling. While patients continued to report OOBES, not one of them, over a period of many years, spotted the money.

Jnei Level 8 Feb 14, 2018

Personally I thank it's very possible just not yet explained . For example ghost are not real however so I believe people have experiences that may be considered paranormal ? Yes. Altho most are people just making it up. However I do believe people feel strange presence watching them . Is this ghost tho ?? NOPE LOL. true people have strange feelings but where these feellings are felt have been found to be difference in magnetic fields deep within the earth. They can cause just pretty weird sensations that can be thought as ghost to someone unaware of this. Also doors closing is another thing people see which these differ3nce in magnetic energies can cause . They aren't ghost at all ... back to astral projection . I believe people are indeed having outta body experiences I just don't believe this to be a gateway to a spiritual world or anything. It can be sientificaly explained! If not today it will be in the future . It's prolly just different parts of the brain being tapped into causing these collisions and hallucinations and experiences


Just silly woo with nothing to back up its existence. I'd love for super powers and such to be real, but sadly that is not the world we live in. Until these sorts of things can be proven without a shadow of a doubt, I won't give them any serious thought.


I like to believe in the possibility.

Also have had OOBEs. Not saying it's science. Not saying it's not. Just saying I had an experience I can't really figure out. (And once again I'll say "I saw the nurse's hat from above - I knew what hairstyle she was wearing". My sister who was there - was able to confirm it later. I was not coming out of anesthesia and never had my eyes open - so yup that happened.
I've also dreamed of being out of body - mostly as a kid? Floating around the house. It was fun!


More Deepak Chopra woo.

gearl Level 7 Feb 14, 2018

Should be flourishing in the FBI and CIA if it's real. Strange we don't have any departments for it.


Just more junk. Interesting dreaming at best.


Got some repeatable, observable, documented, scientific experiments? No, then its bunk, just like all the other paranormal hooey.

^^This... Although I'm not gonna lie: I hope this one and the other siddhis of the swamis and fakirs (like levitation, suspended animation, telepathy, etc.) are proven true. Science reigns supreme in my mind, but my heart wants what it wants. (Don't worrry--it's not in charge.)

@stinkeye_a My heart would love to live in a world of magic, fantasy, and wonder, but my brain lives in the world of science, and reality.


Been there, done that..several times, but by accident.

I also used to routinely teleport, although I didn't realize it at the time, and have done so several times with my husband. We'd get on the interstate, heading for a city several hours away, then within five minutes we'd see the exit for the city where we were going.

We didn't worry about it, I was born with psychic powers, as well as several members of my family, and both my kids as well, so nobody cared.
For instance, If I suddenly told my husband something was about to happen, he didn't argue, just took appropriate steps without comment.


I have a fairly flat ass. I like a little projection with rounded buns.

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