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LINK FOX News Pastor: Democrats Are “Increasingly Becoming a Godless Party” | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

Pastor Robert Jeffress, one of Donald Trump‘s most vocal white evangelical supporters, is a major league liar and hate monger.

By DGJ01147
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Well sounds like a good thing to me.

kenriley Level 8 Dec 13, 2018

Separation of church and state.


All I can say is "Thank God for that! "


From the article above:
"Here is a party that not only allows, but actually celebrates the right to murder 1.4 million children in the womb every year".

I know pastors are not exactly known for their interest in science, but the least they can do is watch some comedy to not sound so ignorant:

Darius77 Level 6 Dec 12, 2018

"Chickens are decent people."

@creative51 I already know all of his HBO specials by heart. He's my all-time favorite comedian.

Lol, George Carlin didn't just hit the scene yesterday...


If the Republicans represent a God filled party ..then count me Godless

AmmaRE007 Level 7 Dec 12, 2018

Let us hope that is an accurate prediction because we will be able to make better progress that way.

Marine Level 8 Dec 12, 2018

Tell 'em, Barry:

This is the only thing I ever agreed with him on!


Is this supposed to be a bad thing?


They are still a far cry behind Republicans in "godless" behavior.

Byrdsfan Level 8 Dec 12, 2018

the guy needs to get laid...all that pent up energy is making him addled...all of my reps are religious and they still represent all of us...what a misguided man...

@creative51 I think you just proved your


They have my thoughts and prayers. ?

RichCC Level 7 Dec 12, 2018

If what he says were actually true, which I doubt it, at least not to the extent he claims, I'd say it is very good news.

snytiger6 Level 9 Dec 12, 2018

Unfortunately, for him many conservatives are also increasingly becoming godFREE. It is partially due to people like him that are driving people away.


Well, thank god for that. ?

PolyWolf Level 7 Dec 12, 2018
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