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What is your cell phone service provider preference?
Who do you not prefer?

twill 7 Feb 14

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I'm not one for commitments of any kind so WalMart StraightTalk works fine for me. I'll probably keep it even when I'm in the money again.


Well.we call them mobile phones in the UK and I use Vodafone. Why? Best coverage and signal. Vplus they used to be called RACIAL and made military radios they know their stuff

Plus I have the fastest phone if ANY smartphone of 2017.The Sony Xz premium so for the best phone I want the best provider


I am probably the only one on this site that has a tracfone .No monthly fees. I get minutes for presents so I never pay a cellphone bill . I have a landline so I do not use the phone that much


I just switched to Xfinity mobile when i got my note 8 on pre order about 5-6 months ago. So far so good. no issues to report and the call quality is great.

I left At&t because the coverage in my home area was really bad. I had no signal in my home or in my neighborhood. They sent me this stupid mini tower signal booster which make your calls drop if you leave home wile on a call. Plus i discovered it also cause my text messages to send and receive very slow with a huge delay. In houston, Verizon is the best but Xfinity uses verizon towers so i am happy with that


So far.....Sprint has been really good for me. I've had them as my service provider for about 11 years. My bill used to be about $83 total for unlimited everything. Now my bill is about $62 total for unlimited everything. It's $55 flat for auto pay and a referral and about $6 for tax and fees.


Vodafail New Zealand. Opps I mean Vodafone 😉 And they have a cute pig in their tv ad 🙂

Sacha Level 7 Feb 14, 2018

I have ATT. They can be a pain in the ass but in general they are dependable. And they provided me a signal booster for my home for free. I have been with them for almost 20 years. Where I live most get no signal. ATT's signal is dicey but at least it exists.

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