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How to tell someone you appreciate them

A little back history I dealt with some harassment at work by a man it started as sexual harassment and ended and just plain childish harassment and a different man at work had stood up for me and I would like some help in telling him I appreciate is helping hand and concern though all of the mess..

Allikat 6 Dec 15

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Maybe a simple note to thank him and let him know it was greatly appreciated. I wouldn't ask him out or anything, even for a drink or something casual.. that might turn into something awkward and you don't need that.


"I wanted you to know that I really appreciated your support , when things were getting uncomfortable for me a while back. You rock ! "

Personally, I'd bake him something too ...


Just tell him. Be specific. Be sure it comes from your heart.

I was tryign to think of what to day, than I read this one, and I'm like... Yeah, that's good advice.


Gift cards,paid meal at a good eating place they like,have the oil changed on their car, and do an under the hood inspection for belts,hoses,and any leaks.


Tell them in person. You could say nice socks they contain a terrific person.

I like it.


Be cautious. I have attempted to say similar things and been accused of flirtation.

Keep it formal, so as not to get too many emotions involved.

That was a helpful and appreciated action. I sometimes wish I had a hired throat puncher for such occasions.

I was a contracted in worker, and now don't work there anymore. After the whole thing i put in my 2 week notice and in tge 3rd day was told i wasnt needed to come in anymore. I never got to properly thank this man for helpumg me stand up for myself. I was going to give the letter to a friend to give him but don't want any issues with thanking him for being a good person.

@Allikat I think it's great that you're writing it down.

Seems fine. ?

@Donotbelieve thank you. It makes me feel better to thank him. My friend that still works there said he was very sad when he realized that I wasn't coming back. It's not his problem and he needs to know his efforts were appreciated

@Donotbelieve I think a simple thank-you card expressing your gratitude to him in a formal way would be very welcome.


"I appreciate you and what you have done for me. I admire you and I am proud of you"

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