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What’s a restaurant you absolutely cannot stand to live without?

Mine would have to be Subway. I have to order either the Spicy Italian or Chicken Bacon Ranch everytime! Hahaha my guilty pleasure!!!

EmeraldJewel 7 Dec 16

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A really good old-fashioned mom-and-pop Jewish deli. Those places are sadly dying out.


Any Indian place. The smell alone is worth going in.


Restaurants do not really turn me on because I can cook very good. The only exception is sushi which I adore is too dangerous to prepare at home without a sushi freezer, which gets much colder than a normal freezer. It is necessary to deep freeze shush to kill parasites.


Sheetz for chains, Palermo's for the local Mom & Pop.


I like the little places, the little independents: there’s a Portuguese place near where I live in the fish market. I could eat there every day!


I like it there too. But my fave is Papa Joe's kitchen.

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