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Well, I just survived the first wedding anniversary since she announced out of the blue that she'd met someone else and was leaving me.

Easier than I expected, to be honest. Must be moving on to pastures new.

Jnei 8 Feb 14

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Only at the 4 month point myself.

Best of luck.

Six months for me. All the best to you too


Thank you, all πŸ™‚

Jnei Level 8 Feb 15, 2018

I like to think that our love had worn out.. And now she’s somebody else's problem ❀

Varn Level 8 Feb 15, 2018

Good for you! I know how hard it is! With my husband, our divorce was finalized on the 25 anniversary of our first date, and the hwppww ( home wrecking, pill popping, weed whore) who he cheated on me with, her birthday is 3 days before our anniversary. I hope it spoils her birthday!


Don't do what I did, after a divorce...kept trying to get back together for 5 (wasted) more years! If it was going to πŸ’‘ would still be there. We just need to honor the life we experienced with another person and forgive ourselves and them, and work on the rest of our life. Hurt, hurts until it doesn't hurt any longer...


It's good to see someone going through something similar to me have success. Congratulations and may your success continue!


Rejection ain't easy - but you deserve better than her. Stay strong dude...


Hang in there, you're stronger than you know you are.

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