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QUESTION Florida school shooting: Australia hasn't had a mass shooting since 1996

United States lawmakers need to get off their fat asses and do the right thing! They have a role model here to look at.

balou 8 Feb 15

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This is what is wrong with the US for gun control


40 million guns in the states. it's too late . you are doomed to horrible headlines. think : walmart is the largest supplier of bullets in the world !!!!


We still have lots of gun enthusiasts, in fact some of my friends are in gun clubs. Criminals always find guns, but at least if they are caught, as they often are, the possession of illegal weapons is enough to lock them up for a while. Best thing is no hot head can suddenly go home grab his gun or his fathers and shoot up all his mates. Gun lockers are inspected often.


These statistics are unassailable by any but the most feeble minded. I wouldn't be surprised if the gun industry and it's lackey tried to stop this kind of information from this country! Good luck to them, it ain't gonna happen.


See there is a guys did it...

Yeah, but to get the fat cats in Washington D.C. to comply is a totally different story.

Please do tell me how stricter laws will stop a nut-head from killing 20 people if he / she is set to do so.

@balou no shit....maybe I should move down under

@DUCHESSA I understand what you are saying. My point is why do gun sellers make it so easy for these low life's to have access to a destructive weapon? An AR-15 can kill a number of people in a matter of seconds. Why make these weapons so easily accessible?

@balou I didn't ask about getting assault weapons (it shouldn't be possible)....I ask you about stricter laws stopping nut-heads from getting guns.

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