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Please do yourself a favor and go watch this!

CeciRosane60 7 Feb 15

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The trailer looks wonderful. I'll buy it when it comes out on Blu-Ray UHD. My home theatre has better sound then most commercial theatres and my 200" screen, although not as nice as a real theatre, is very good.


I am cheap, cheap, cheap, or frugal, depends on how you spin it. And not really fond of going to a theater alone. I will likely wait til it is on Netflix or Amazon Prime.

There are sites one can visit and download this today, for free. My kids showed me how, google it.

Must watch on big screen...I go to the movies alone all the time

@CeciRosane60 I agree many movies, judging from the trailer this one is a MUST be seen on the big screen. I am a little strange on the going "Alone" to movies concept. Even though I have built a very nice movie theatre in the basement with dozens of amplifiers and speakers and hundreds of square feet of acoustic treatment, I almost never watch movies on the big screen alone.


Huge fan of this. Need to see it again. A lot going on in terms of symbolism...

feel the same way... amazing Mr Del Toro


I liked it but I thought other movies this year will also excellent.

Here's the Oscar list:

“Call Me by Your Name”
“Darkest Hour”
“Get Out”
“Lady Bird”
“Phantom Thread”
“The Post”
“The Shape of Water”
“Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri”

"Call Me By Your Name" was one that I found pretty moving. I also liked "Three Bill Boards ..." quite a bit as well as "Get Out" which was a fun movie but probably can't win because it wasn't that serious of a movie.

I want to see:

"Dunkirk" and "Phantom Thread" before I start rooting for my Oscar favorite.

Funny, they made such a huge deal about Ladybird, I thought it was stupid. I am rather literal, it just seemed to portray teens as dumber than dumb and the mother too. I raised 4 kids alone, I do believe I am rather crass and perhaps a tad bit burnt on the parenthood thing, I did not enjoy it. I raised mine to have none. I did not want to deal with grandkids, nope.

@fantasticalice Yes, I didn't really get much out of Ladybird either.

Dunkirk is Amazing but it MUST be seen on the big screen with a great sound system. A friend who saw it in the theatre visited a few months ago and he wanted to watch it again in my basement theatre. He was blown away and said it was a better experience in my theatre then in the commercial theatre as the seats in my room moved during explosions. (all a product of speakers) There is even a few scene where you can feel the breeze from the explosions. This is the best low frequency sound blu-ray I have screened. I decided to watch it again on a big screen television with an off the shelf 7.1 THX sound system and it was not at all a similar experience.


I see it mentioned. WHy did you like it?

I do not have the words to describe....touched me in so many levels , filled with symbolism so whimsical....

@CeciRosane60 it looked pretty brutal to me but so many have suggested it....

@fantasticalice Is AMAZING....did you watch Pan's Labyrinth?


Definitely a good movie.


Yeah,I've been wanting to check that out.
I've heard there was a lot of inspiration from the Bioshock game series.


Great movie! Needs to be seen in a theater. So many great visuals won't translate on TV.

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