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LINK The ugly truth behind beauty magazines

If you read fashion/beauty magazines...

HippieChick58 9 Dec 21

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Without the air-brushing, photo-shop techniques, etc, etc, those mags would be defunct in no time at all.


Everybody should watch that, men and women!


Even Health magazine invariably shows impossibly thin and fit swimsuit models in their 20s on the front cover. It was discouraging.

I canceled Health magazine in disgust.

I call those models " Papercut Women" because one simple touch and you'll probably cut yourself to pieces.


With fashion magazines, you are actually paying to be advertised to. It's amazing to me that anyone still reads looks at these idiotic things.


I saw a documentary about Cuba some time ago. It was so lovely, they don't have ads there, nobody tell them that it is not ok to be fat, thin, have cellulites etc, etc. These women and men were so happy and proud of their bodies, no matte how they looked. Let's get rid of all ads everywhere.

Hey, it IS your body, the only one you'll ever have, be proud of it because it IS you and only YOU.


Nope, I don't do magazines. I am what I am.


Fashion magazines are catalogs, pure and simple.

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