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Could Jesus be based off Aphrodite or the Buddha?

A minority viewpoint is that Jesus never existed. He seems to be a compilation of mythical figures and concepts by my understanding and reading of the Scriptures. Could the Jesus figure be a male version of Aphrodite or a Jewish interpretation of the Buddha from eastern folktale?

SeanBab 4 Dec 26

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Look up Horus vs Jesus. Study the Hindu faith for the philosopy.


I am also an agnostic on the existence of a biblical Jesus. I have read on many of the similarities. I had a big like of links of "him" and Alexander the Great.


Among many others.


Everything in the Goat-herders Guide to the Galaxy ( aka bible) is 'pirated/plagiarized from innumerable other cultures/civilizations that existed and thrived long before the Abrahamic religions were even dreamed into being.


Many ideas in the Christian religion can be traced to Plato. Buddha? Maybe?


That makes more sense than a literal interpretation of the gospels. We know that there were virgin birth myths before the Jesus myth. There were also resurrection myths prior to the gospels.


I really don't see the reason why not, although personally it doesn't matter to me whether Jesus existed or not. It's the surrounding mythical aura that causes nuisance to me.

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