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Share Your Favorite Gift You Received For The Holiday

Happy Holidays and May we all have a prosperous New Year With good Health and Lots of Love.

I was wondering is there a special Gift you received for the holiday?

How did this special gift make you feel?

Perhaps you received a gift you were less
Enthusiastic about. Feel free to share this
Gift as well.

I received a ? from my Ex Partner of 8 years
And I have not decided if I will keep it or return it.
He still has a desire to get back together and I do not. If I keep the gift it may send out the wrong impression.....

By twshield8
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Time. I was able to hang out with my mom for about a week & went out with a good friend for a day. We were trying to do the whole no physical presents thing. Both ended up still paying for things since I'm a broke college student. Regardless, I enjoyed every moment with them!

Decieven Level 7 Jan 2, 2019

I received a pair of nice sneakers. I was so excited! I have been exercising more and needed some for walking. It made my day. The second best gift was a candle from a guy on our first date. It was very thoughtful. I love candles and showed he was listening.


I don't use my phone for this site so no picture but I got an Inga tree from my daughter which is quite expensive but she managed to get it at more than half off.

I post quotes nearly every day on facebook but rarely comment on them. I had commented on one months ago that I needed to get it on a plaque, so she got it made on a plaque.

And a watercolor pic of her kids

Lucy_Fehr Level 7 Dec 28, 2018

Give the ring back if he wants to get back together. Been there, done that.

Lucy_Fehr Level 7 Dec 28, 2018

@twshield I wouldn't even meet with him. Mail it back via a traceable method.


My daughter gave me a gym bag and new t-shirts ?

adhriel Level 4 Dec 27, 2018

I bought myself a painting!

Kintaro Level 6 Dec 27, 2018

I need to post a photo of my alarm NOT going off at 5:15 to get my son fed, clothed and to school on time.

@twshield school is out for the holidays. That's the point.


I do not exchange gifts with anyone. I do send to my Great Niece in Holland, but have asked to not receive anything.

@twshield yes, it is a commercial holiday; I do not wish to participate, except to gift the small children in my life. Currently, there is only one. And I already have too much “stuff”; I am divesting, not acquiring.

@twshield I never felt right lying to my kids about imaginary people (while telling them to tell me the truth) or being pressured into commercial holiday purchases buying stuff just because I have to. I have always felt much better giving a gift because I want to and when I want to. Sadly, the world has been conditioned very well. The video series on Edward Bernays (The century of the self) was very informative.

@beenthere yes!


Were I you, I would return it.


A gift so splendid could make one distrust their better instincts.
Look out for yourself friend!

AmiSue Level 8 Dec 27, 2018

@twshield This statement has me even more certain you should return it


The gift I'm most excited about is the Ancestry DNA kit I received. It's the one that includes genetic traits and I'm really looking forward to getting the results.

KatMalina Level 4 Dec 27, 2018

How fun! You'll have to create a post about what you learn. That is a really creative and fun gift.

I bought this for myself last year and upgraded the health portion later- if you hold out, they will eventually drop the price down to $50.

I have no regrets and even bought both my daughter and granddaughter one.

Hopefully someone will create a group about this subject

@Lucy_Fehr I was hoping to be able to get the health traits as well, thank for letting me know it would be possible! I wasn't sure if I would be able to add that on or not since it wasn't part of the original purchase.

@KatMalina It may different since yours was a gift but I doubt it.

I think they did offer it to me at $50 right after I got my results but I wasn't interested. Then I would periodically get offers to upgrade for $125. I held out and after about 6 months got the $50 offer again and took it.

If you want the extra and they offer at $50 take it because it will never be lower than that.


I got a sonic boom alarm clock that shakes the bed (along with a loud as f&@k alarm) to wake you up. My bestie knows me all too well.

Amzungu2 Level 7 Dec 27, 2018

I can't remember what's it's called, but have you ever seen the alarm clock that rolls off the nightstand and all over the floor? You have to chase it to turn it off.

I had one for years - it gives a nice massage if you ignore it?

@RavenCT I don't think this one gave a massage...I think it was called clocky or something like that and it rolled around the room, getting progressively louder.

@BelieveItNot I meant the Sonic Boom Alarm - it will rattle your teeth out and give a nice vibrant massage if you ignore it.

You are correct about the other - I always figured if I got one of those the cats would deal with it for me? Probably take it under the bed and dispose of it - or it would go where I couldn't reach it.

As much as I sleep way too soundly and don't always wake up to an alarm? I won't chase one around the room. Instead I set different sounds on my Kindle - confusing my brain with different alarm sounds seems to work. As does setting at least three.

@RavenCT I also set multiple alarms with different sounds,, but eventually they cease to be effective. I've got issues. Hoping the self inflicted earthquake helps.

@RavenCT I imagine the cats would have fun chasing it around if the sound didn't scare them.

I just looked up the sonic boom alarm clock on Youtube and waited 10-12 seconds and thought are they just showing what the clock looks like or is this going to scare me...few seconds later, it made me jump lol!

I wouldn't want to chase one around the room either. That would last a day and then I'd probably break it.

@Amzungu2 Ever have a sleep study? ? I have sleep issues but at least the apnea is now treated.
Apparently the talking in my sleep is still around too? I'm told I am fun to watch!

That clock worked pretty well for me for years. Good luck!

@Amzungu2, @BelieveItNot loud and annoying! The shaker part really works. lol

@RavenCT yes, have done a sleep study, no apnea, I think most of my issues are related to being a night owl with a day job, and I often struggle with insomnia.... fingers crossed!


Best gift I've gotten in a long time. I've been wanting someone to draw me a pic of an angry banana chasing a scared monkey for like the last 12 years lol. My niece drew it for me on Christmas Eve.

@twshield Yeah, it's why I got her an artists kit with drawing pencils, pastels, paint brushes, etc. She loves drawing so I wanted to support something she loves and is good at. She has the foundation to become better at it.


These three ornaments that I’ve loved for decades. We had them on our tree growing up. Mom wrapped them up for me this year, and I squealed with delight when I opened them! They were immediately hung on my tree. ?


Wow, that's quite a gift TW!

@twshield Yes, I saw that. Good luck with your decision on the gift. It shows he thinks a lot of you and loves you still, but you said he was an ex for a reason.

@twshield I think we all wish a lot of things were more simple...oh life! smile001.gif


Painting from my sister


Love the colors and design!


I have received a gift of a box of cookies, a gingerbread, and a lunch at IHOP. Not much but it could have been nothing.

@twshield I had one of those, actually two but one was much better than the other. One had nine years of my life. Gave me a ring once but didn't want to marry me, just own me. The second one was already married. Be careful. I have no idea why some people are like that.

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