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LINK Michelle Obama bests Hillary Clinton to be voted most admired woman by Americans, poll shows - CNNPolitics

Fickle American public, Hillary has been very much less public and Michelle just had a book published.

HippieChick58 9 Dec 27

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Ok let me just say that I’m a pretty negative person for the most part ( according to those who don’t like being told about the ? the room ) and very few people make me feel otherwise.

Michelle Obama is actually one of them and for good reason she is the definition of grace under Fire. For more than 8 years she has been the wife of at the time one of the most hated and disrespected presidents in our history as well as a mother of two daughters that were receiving unspeakable threats.

And she did it all with class and composure and she still has refused to sink to the level of those who have gone out of their way to damage and/or destroy her family and her husbands legacy.
That’s including Hillary Clinton or have some of forgotten everything that she said about Obama while she was standing on stage with John McCain during his presidential campaign against Obama
( Willing to provide evidence as well as that proving that the birther conspiracy came from within her camp which is where trump got it. )

Since then Michelle has done nothing but encourage our country to unify and focus creating something positive instead of being distracted or vindictive towards others. But hey if you can’t see that then I don’t know what to tell ya.

Thank you!! You said that beautifully.


So a woman's worth largely depends on whom she marries. Perhaps feminism has a way to go.

I don’t look at it that way at all, and this is coming from a woman.

Michelle Obama is a lawyer in her own right, graduated from Princeton and Harvard. Her worth has never been dependent upon her husband, and she was the epitome of grace and kindness during her tenure as first lady, no matter what kind of shit was spread about them.

@HippieChick58 not judging her just saying why do we know her name? Because of her achievements? No, because of her husband.
Working in the legal proffesion does not impress me and does not make a good politician.


They all knowingly married men with egos who craved power. Why are these women lauded? Just because they were first ladies or had a diet plan introduced into schools? All of their husbands have committed horrible acts of putting men and women in harms way in unnecessary wars. Why aren't they judged as bad judges of character, or even worse complicit in liking that type of character? How can one hate Melania and not hate the others? Tribalism? It's amazing! Why do Democrats still think that Hillary is a great person and that every negative criticism of her is a lie? A little reading, common sense, and critical thought shows that she isn't as innocent as some believe. These are the most admired women? People are truly "sick". Remember when most admired women were people like Rosa Parks? Women who actually sacrificed and did commendable things that required courage?

Thank you! When one was fired in the 70s for being a liar and extremely corrupt, and the other spent her time on planes, we have sunk too far to be rescued by foolish polls in this country. We could probably start a contest show. 'Choose the shit'. Which one deserves to be flushed the least. But then, that has been our electoral choice for quite some time.


and the point is? Lets see how popular you will be after 25 plus years of lies being told about you. I am not putting Michelle down she is well educated and thought of people over polictics and worthy of apreciation.


Since Hillary always had high unfavorable ratings, what's new?


No Anne Coulter? No Tomi Lahren? No Laura Schlessinger?

More proof of the liberals running all media in the world!!!

funny its around 6 mega corporations who own almost all the media in the states how can they be liberal!

That is incredibly funny.

I'l assume this is satire.


I’m listening to Michelle’s audio book “Becoming” (read by Michelle herself) and highly recommend it. I so love her and miss the Obamas!!! I cried listening to her sanity and compassion for other humans. Oh how we need them back!!

I just finished reading her book. It belongs to my middle daughter (who is also a Michelle) and she let me borrow it. She writes very well. I have always had enormous respect for her, and now I have so much more. Yes, I miss them desperately, but they deserve their down time. I miss their grace, compassion, intelligence, and style in the WH.

Such a stark contrast to what we have now! I just miss them sooo much!!


Imo . It should be no contest. Michelle hands down.


How in the hell did Melania get to be in the top 5???? Having a black woman as no. 1 must really, really gall her detractors. Good for Michelle!!!!


A pointless comparison me thinks


If they put Malaria up there, then this poll means the people who participate in it are stupid.

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