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Do you do any of this?

By HippieChick589
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When I was married and the kids were young, I did it all. All the cooking, shopping, mailing, organizing, decorating, etc. I asked the ex one year what he would help with and he told me NONE of it, as it wasn't important to him. The most I got from him was proofreading the letter for the cards. Then a few years before we divorced I reread some of the past letters, and that was one of the steps that led me down the path to divorce. The ex was off in his own little world separate from the kids and I. As I live alone I now don't decorate, or bake or cook special stuff, minimal shopping, and don't send cards or letters, and it suits me just fine.


I used to. I would cook huge dinners for my in-laws and miscellaneous friends every holiday. I would back cookies, decorate the house, and do everything that was expected of me. Now that I am old, the banner has fallen to younger people--yeah, Grandma is "supposed" to bake cookies, etc., but not this one.

And my ex did nothing. No. Thing.


What good is being married if your husband doesn’t do anything?

Exactly why I'm not married.

I object! I do plenty. I make a mess, I nick the freshly baked biscuits, I give advice, ( which is ignored.) I sit on the sofa watching TV .......

@OpposingOpposum Actually, I do most of the cooking and shopping, the 'handy man' work and heavy duty humping, but it would ruin my street cred to admit to it!

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