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LINK The demise of another Bernie Sanders fraud - World Socialist Web Site

The reference to Franklin D. Roosevelt was inadvertently revealing. Roosevelt adopted reform policies, including many of those suggested by the social democrats of his day such as Norman Thomas. He was no socialist, but rather a clever and conscious bourgeois politician who enacted limited reforms in a deliberate effort to save the capitalist system.

Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez likewise seek to save the capitalist system, but under conditions where no such reforms are possible. The American ruling class no longer dominates the world economy, but is beset by powerful rivals in both Europe and Asia. It is pouring resources into the military to prepare for world war. And at home, even the most modest measures run up against the intransigent opposition of the super-rich, who control both parties and demand even greater wealth for themselves at the expense of working people.

By Ian-Duggan6
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I'm getting the message across to a few people anyway 4 likes so that's all that matters. Wsws firmly plants it's roots in the working class and is written in an objective materialist manner, it's not for everyone as it takes time to get rid of the ruling ideology: bourgeois and Petty bourgeois thoughts which are hammered into peoples heads through the media and society telling you what's acceptable limits of what you can think. Naom Chomsky who I don't often refer to because he's petty bourgeois pseudo left but he does come up with some interesting thoughts said basically that the scope of what you're allowed to talk about is very narrow in society you can have lively debate within those confines but people that go outside that will me scorned at.


When I was much younger, I followed the WSWS slavishly. I even voted for their presidential candidate one year. Eventually I realized they’re kind of batshit. They write enough true things to appeal to progressives, that’s what hooks you in. I will say, it taught me something about international politics, but now I have other sources for that. For the record, they oppose Black Lives Matter and the MeToo movement for some puzzling reason.


It is pretty clear you know Nothing about Bernie, nor the Progressive platform he supports, in great detail.
You could go onto YouTube and see Bernie explaining his ideas, and his detailed plans for paying for them. These videos go back a decade or so.
But, nooooo, you prefer to wallow in ignorance & innuendo.


Don't you have enough problems in Ireland? Maybe pay attention to those instead of us.

motrubl4u Level 7 Dec 27, 2018

The reds and the radical right are afraid of Bernie so they are busy trying to slander him.

nicknotes Level 8 Dec 27, 2018

What reds?
Russia & China probably hav
e a more pure form of capitalism than does the US with it's parasitic, crony capitalism dependent on the 'too big to fail' guarantee from the govt.

@callmedubious reds as in repuglicans

I was thinking...communists@motrubl4u

@nicknotes well that's what happens when I ASSume lol

I like Bernie...I think he has the needs of the middle class as his agenda. @motrubl4u

@nicknotes as do I. But the Dems themselves screwed him and themselves by rigging everything for Hillary who even I could see didn't stand a chance.

In the primaries Clinton won in all the red Southern states because she got the black vote. The inside story is that African-American organizations depend on foundation donations because poor blacks do not have money to support their organizations. So the Clinton Foundation promised support if the Black organizations would get out the AA vote for Clinton. @motrubl4u


The 1% are looting the Treasury. Trump is a sideshow freak distracting the bumpkins while the Main Event is going on right in front of them.


purists. pure garbage. funny: russian trolls used to "support" bernie. now they try to divide us by being against him (except those trying to divide us by still being for him). he's just a senator doing his job. ocasio-cortez will do hers just fine. you can make shit up about them all you want but it's still shit.


genessa Level 8 Dec 27, 2018

I don't think you are going to see a "pure" socialist agenda here in the US. I like Bernie, AOC and some of the other politicians that have been recently elected, and they seem to be rattling some cages in DC. Whether that will translate into legislation is another story. The monies that Corporation, Unions and other special interests pay to lobby our representative virtually insures that the values of the "New Coalition Democrats" will be planted firmly with their elite donors(by no stretch of the imagination was FDR 'bourgeois', he was son of an elite family).
"Pure Socialism" is a fantasy with has created more harm than good historically. Capitalism is a force, that needs to be harnessed and rehabilitated. Perhaps along the line of some of Elizabeth Warren's proposals such making corporations adopt a socially responsible vision in their mission statements, giving workers a role in the directorship of the company. Her anti-corruption proposal and her idea for the government to act as competition to drug companies in the generic part of the drug productions business are all great ideas. I don't think she can win as a presidential candidate, she screwed her self up with the DNA test but she also come off as abrasive which, and for no good reason, I don't think comes off well on her. Her ideas are sharp, capitalistic and they need to be discussed.

cava Level 7 Dec 27, 2018

Seriously I read that article and maybe it was good enough for Wikipedia but I don’t even think that a political science professor in Mississippi would teach that shit.

And yes FDR wasn’t a socialist democrat but leading into the 1920’s after the Bolshevik uprising in Russia and the creation of the communist party and their labor unions any politician in our country who considered themselves as being a socialist either changed or was voted out.

So no FDR wouldn’t have declared himself to be one but the ideals and practices are what saved this country from the point of no return.

And as far as the plans that Bernie Sanders and other progressives ( like myself ) are pushing can be achieved if we were to cut down on corporate welfare and our gargantuan military budget.
But if you want we could legalize marijuana and use the taxable proceeds to help for a good part of it.

But the $15 an hour thing did actually come from an article in the parade magazine in regards to how Australia actually sat down and developed a plan to raise their minimum wage to $20aud over a ten year period. But Americans do what Americans do best and that’s take 1/2 information and make a full case out of it. And if we were to stop being the fucking idiots that we are we to could figure a way to possibly achieve a higher working wage for everyone.

But that might result in a sense of social equality and fewer inmates and how we going to look after that huh? Anyway thanks for the propaganda read and good luck with that.

48thRonin Level 8 Dec 27, 2018

A big difference in Australia re wages are tips. Tipping is not a thing here. Some do but not required as the wages are higher.

@powder Ok I actually didn’t know that about the tips but the article that I was referring to actually portrayed a young man that was one year out of high school there in Australia and was making $15 an hour at a McDonald’s per the article and since most of our fast food workers barely make $9 usd they lost their shit and we had protest for wage increases and counter protest stating that they weren’t worth $15 and hour.

But ain’t that America ?

@Maindawg No shit ? But the article that actually kicked the whole $15 dollars an hour came an interview that was done with an actual employee of a McDonald’s in Australia whom was making...
$15 a fucking hour.

I mean unless you can tell where else that number had come from and btw will you be critiquing all of my comments tonight? If so I should really get to work for you. ?


Good luck with that..... I'll stick with these progressives who can actually make a change....Anybody can be nitpicked if you dig deep enough

Rudy1962 Level 9 Dec 27, 2018

Another troll pretending to be a freethinker on this site.

noworry28 Level 7 Dec 27, 2018

And what??

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