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A man cooking. Is it a turn off or turn on?

Mellowfellow 3 Feb 17

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A turn on. Let's cook together!


I don't cook every day, but I usually enjoy doing it. Especially if it means I get to fire up the grill or the smoker.

Christian men should at least make coffee. They have a chapter about it in the bible: "Hebrews".


I can cook, and I like to. And you know what makes me great? I can do it without dirtying every F-ing pot and dish in the kitchen. Plus I pick up after myself as I go along. I don't believe in cooking a meal that takes an hour to prepare, 12 minutes to eat, and another 20 minutes to cleanup.


Cooking is a basic life skills, but my bias is showing. I was raised by and taught to cook by a chef of almost 40 years.


turn on -----the stove


I cook regularly and teach basic cookery skills to the girls at the school where I work.

If I am home first I cook, if she who must be obeyed is in first, she cooks.

@Nevermind345 I suspect that the reason most top chefs are men is due to two things, both related to sexism.

  1. Men take up cooking as a hobby/passion that can be turned into a profession. Women are expected to cook to look after family - And yes, I know that is starting to change.
  2. Restaurants run really, really anti-social working hours. Split shifts, long hours and late nights. As a woman, to get to the top you can forget any thought of having a family or any sort of home life, so many end up working in cafes or school type establishments - better hours, but crap pay and no chance to shine.

Depends on what he's cooking.


The best pastime hobby you could ever want. Most great Chef's are classified as Men which is just another put down for the Females whom own as much of the Field and maybe more. Learning how and when to spice and how much is the secret.


No. As a child I grew up with my father and brothers cooking. Later, I cook when I am lucky to have a girlfriend. I guess I see it as normal and that is picked up by my girlfriends, or I'm a crappy cook.

Gohan Level 7 Feb 17, 2018

I'm a good cook then again I live on my own. I was a latch door kid so always had to look after myself as both parents had to work. I don't see any correlation between cooking and getting horny at all.


I can't see why it would be a turn off. Cooking is a good skill to have. It doesn't matter if you're a man or a woman. If you know how to cook, it's a sign of your independence and I think that's a turn on!


I often forget to turn off the stove.


How can you even ask. It's like saying a man breathing, turn off or turn on?

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