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LINK Republican praises ICE's 'excellent record' because 'only two children' have died in its custody

Oh f--k they set the bar low. Two children dying is acceptable.

By HippieChick589
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they must be relatives of trumper.

Marine Level 8 Dec 29, 2018

Or dumb fucks could quit encouraging people to dragging children a thousand miles with no real food or water.

By all means, they should stay home with the gang violence and war. No good ever comes of trying to seek a better life.

@Paul4747 Truth is most of us wouldn't be here if it weren't for our ancestors looking for a better life. Many of these refugees are just trying to keep their kids alive and some people can't even empathize with their plight, pretty inhumane. My ancestors came on the Mayflower on my mom's side, they were people who felt they were more worthy than the people who were already here. On my dad's side my grandpa came around 1900 in a wave of immigrants from eastern Europe because American companies needed workers. Just like now, at least here in MN I know construction contractors who wish they would let some of the immigrants stay because they can't find people to work for them. The ones who are here legally are working on crews but there are not enough of them. White men were strongly encouraged to do anything else instead of construction after the great recession, there are fewer of them than ever in construction trades here in MN.

@Ktcyan I can't help remembering the Reagan days, when we welcomed people fleeing Communist Cuba with open arms, because of the obvious horrors of having to live anywhere that had a Communist government... while at the same time those who were "merely" fleeing crippling poverty and oppression elsewhere, like the Haitian immigrants, were interned and deported if they couldn't find a sponsor.

Each successive wave of immigrants, once settled, seems to suffer from a case of "I've got mine" syndrome and forgets what they went through to get here. They then concentrate on fortifying the place against the next wave. That's how it seems to me, at least.

If the alternative is death....? People do not exactly pick up & go into the unknown unless dammed desperate!


Children THAT SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN IN CUSTODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


In over 19 years I've never had anyone die in my custody. Then again I work 8 hour shifts. (State prison.)

The secret to career success is keeping your goals achievable.

Paul4747 Level 8 Dec 28, 2018
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