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It was 80 degrees yesterday in south Louisiana. My grass needs cutting... freaking winter is over... hmmm... at least we got some snow. 2 times it snowed... been here 40 years and thats a first for me. It's going to be a hot summer... ugh!

BucketlistBob 8 Feb 17

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I remember when we lived in Louisiana we had to mow from February to November. I also remember Fire ants and termites. And when isn't summer HOT in Louisiana?

Yep... it sucks in the summer for me. It's going to get a whole lot better now that I'm


Where I am in Oregon, we have not had a Winter. The grass has continued to grow, there are daisies in the field, and my lilac bush started sprouting buds over a week ago. We have had very little rain, and I have seen a dusting of snow on the distant hills only a couple of times. Some cold weather is expected next week, so maybe we will have a few days of winter before Spring arrives.

Does it ever vet warm there?

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