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Waste of Time Hall of Fame. What stupid thing have you wasted too much time on?

I have to tell you, I had a 2.5 hour debate on the meaning of the word hemorrhoid. You'd think it would be cut and dry, right?


I unknowingly opened a can of worms. And, I would've liked to stop after about ten minutes, but my friend said it was important to him that we keep debating this topic. No, seriously. LOL

And, I'm still laughing that I indulged this. It goes in the Hall of Fame for stupid things that have wasted my time.

Totally an optional read on hemorrhoids, but in case you're wondering how this could be a debate...

I mentioned this quote from the U.S. National Library of Medicine. "We all have hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are normal "cushions" of tissue filled with blood vessels, found at the end of the rectum, just inside the anus. "

My friend did not agree that everyone has hemorrhoids. He quoted MayoClinic "Hemorrhoids, also called piles, are swollen veins in your anus and lower rectum, similar to varicose veins." Also, "Nearly three out of four adults will have hemorrhoids from time to time."

Of course, I told him Mayo Clinic was probably just referring to symptomatic ones. But, he thinks the term hemorrhoid is incorrect for anything other than the condition.

Anyway, it's not super important. It was a waste of time. But, that was what lead into a large debate about the word "hemorrhoid" and what constitutes a "hemorrhoid."

Must we dig for the truth in everything? hahahahaha. What a rabbit hole...

So, have you wasted your time on anything ridiculous?

silvereyes 8 Feb 17

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Hemorrhoids - they always get you in the end.

jeffy Level 7 Feb 17, 2018

Number 1 waste-of-time-argument: Explaining how atheism is NOT a religion to an outraged theist. sigh

Can we theorize that the coming back around is due to their circular logic? 😀


Hemorrhoids-speed bumps to timely exit.

During my only visit to a proctologist, just before beginning the exam the doctor said something to the nurse who then left the examining room, returned and handed the doctor a beer. The long-suffering proctologist turned and said "No, I said to bring me a butt light."

"speed bumps to timely exit" I have no rebuttal to that statement.

@PappyOnWings Dilly Dilly

@Meep70 😉


Hemorrhoids... I hear they are a pain in the butt. If they are cut and dried, then they no longer pose a problem. Let's leave the worms out of it.

I waste entirely too much time staring at a small screen, then comments like the one you are reading end up being the result. Puns are almost always intended.


Erm, worrying about people judging me and avoiding doing things I'd like to do for fear of censure?


A long time ago, trying to make people like me, but I am over that now. It is all up to them.


Arguing with my wife on What to wear... or what purse to bring? Or how does this look?.... if i say this looks good... then she says what about this one? When i say wear the other one... she says whats wrong with this one? Is it going to rain? Say no. Then she asks alexa and it says 30% and maybe not. She brings her little umbrella anyway... and it


zelda on game boy. wasted 5 months

Yes, mine was Morrowind tho


of course we all have done that kind of thing. I have had it happen with several people on this website. There are people that believe things so strongly they cannot look at different opinion.

dc65 Level 7 Feb 17, 2018

Hell, I've wasted more time than that trying to SPELL the word 'hemorrhoid.



I keep running into a believer here, who appears to be up for proselytizing, only to slipperily vanish into the void, once he runs out of arguments... it's frustrating.


Too often social media. Especially this site... 😉


Driving. I resent even the ten minute commute I now have. For me autonomous vehicles can't come fast enough. I've better things to do with the time.


Hahaha. What a funny story. 😛

@silvereyes good tjought


It sounds to me like more piles of shit lol

you only heard the quick version. it was a lot more piles of shit than just those. But
i am strong and I like a positive attitude. No matter what happens I make it, with a smile on my face and a rose in my heart.

i don't think piles of shit. Well if you want them all what, you can call them anything. The events over those years, while I wouldn't call them a picnic, they certainly ripped my guts apart. I certainly don't think piles of shit is adequate description.

I was just joking about the haemorrhoids nothing else at all. sorry if I upset you.


Talking about gun crime and mustard gas with an ignoramus.


Shopping, without a doubt, used to be something I wasted an enormous amount of time on. I used to justify it to myself that it wasn't really "shopping" since I almost never walked into a retail shop; I always shopped at thrift stores, garage sales and auctions. I finally realized that I needed to own LESS stuff, and I now I am very conscious of only buying things that I truly need and I leave as soon as I have my item.
The other thing I used to waste time doing was trying to please a partner who would never be pleased. If something was good one week, it was not good the next week. I finally realized it was a losing game and I was making myself slightly insane.


a friend once told me that she put vicks Vapor rub on a hemorrhoid she had for a week and it eventaully shrunk and went away. FYI i have never had Hemorrhoids and never tried this, as uncomfortable as it sounds....

@silvereyes yeah i know but after i read your post that memory emerged and i had to share


The color of my car was somewhere in the light periwinkle range and I called it blue while someone else said it was purple. Well, the color is sort of in between, so technically we were both right (or both wrong, depending on your perspective). It wasn't a 2½-hour discussion, though, fortunately, but still a really stupid conversation that bore no fruit.


How funny.

However, more important than my #1waste of time. At least information was shared. My WOT was after I'd first retired. I'd bought an Xbox, and Morrowind. Such a great, open ended game. Perhaps a year later I rambled through the settings, discovering a "game-hours-played" area, listing my time "living" there at over 600 hours...

Do I win the useless award?

@silvereyes oblivion, yes, skyrim I bought, but the game system wouldn't play it, and I never got around to upgrading it. They were/are the BEST games!


I'd like to say video games but I play some cerebral video games. Fantasy, sci-fi, horror RPGs...I've come to enjoy interactive fiction more than reading...but then I'm one of those people who turned D&D into several literary and performance projects, some of which have been very profitable.

Besides, sometimes I just need some mental maturbation...

So I'll have to "steal" yours...though I'll call it arguing over debating. I can walk away from a debate with a greater understanding, if of nothing else the person I debated with. Arguing religion however was a, if not the, major factor I was ostracised by most of my family at an early age.

I won't take all the blame for that. When some of your earliest recollections are of being told "only bad people don't believe" (as if my family were saints!) and the ever popular "you'll go to hell" I could only contain myself so many years. When I finally started defending my position it wasn't pretty.

I have absolutely no use for such "debates" but when I do I find myself in one I'm about an inch away from that belligerent five year old, especially when presented with dubious "facts" of faith including the common "it hasn't been empirically proven so it can't possibly be true" mentality you often see on this site.

Not to say I don't enjoy it at times but it's about as useful as debating hemorrhoids, or even debating with one.


There is nothing impossible to God. Therefore can he create a circle with 4 sides?


Trying to get 45 removed from office, you know the evil, demonic, sewer hog that has taken up residence in the White House. I am on FB and Twitter off and on all day. I have my own little Facebook army and all of us spend most of the day finding dirt of all the administration and feeding it to the people who will not read or research themselves. Just keeping a flame alive in the center of the earth for when someone throws 45 in..

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