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Hello everyone! New to this site. Any hints? Live in Columbus Ohio but consider myself a citizen of the world. 😉

metrecht 3 Feb 17

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I am compassionate and want everyone to be equal and have equal opportunities. That generally is left but I'd rather not get into a versus thing. I'm tolerant but am intolerant with intolerance. Make sense?
I don't enjoy Atheists that talk down to people. I just watched "Atheist America" and was turned off by the television host who kept hanging up on people that disagreed with him. If someone's willing to discuss I'm all for it.


Welcome, brother.


Just join in as and how you want


Welcome citizen.

Gohan Level 7 Feb 17, 2018

Just a friendly warning - most of the people in here are on the far left. Don't ever say anything good about Trump.

gater Level 7 Feb 17, 2018

Well there is nothing good about Trump so that's easy.

@metrecht well you should fit right in

oh you mean we are compassionate and caring. you may be right

You can say anything you want, just be prepared for the responses.

I can say something positive about Trump. He ":loves the poorly educated". Probably because they are easily duped by him.


Welcome to the group. Just jump in and get engaged. And if you have a broad focus, so much the better (world).

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