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What would be a good name for a Satanic/Atheist private school?
Think Elementary, Middle or High School.

Something that would be eye catching and fun/funny.

Crimson67 8 Feb 17

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mascot will be fun to name too


Elemental Elementary School


As I don't believe in the devil it would be worth mentioning.

Bright HS
Bright MS


I know for some kids high school might as well be the third circle of Hell. I guess that would make middle school the second circle, and elementary the first. The whole school district could be the Mephistopheles Three Ring Flying Circus.

Or Fallen Circus...


The fightin’ Darwin Demon Diablos!


Do not have any school names yet, but can provide the transportation.

To school:. Incubus
Exiting school: succubus


Secular Humanist Tech.


I think that I would not name a school "Satanic". Besides the fact that it is too provocative to be productive, to me that relates to religion. Calling a school Atheistic sounds for me just the same. Someone that is sure there is no god, is called "Atheist". He is not part of a religion or of an organized resistance group fighting religion. I prefer to stay "Agnostic" because I see no proof for the things they suppose in religion, but I don't see any proof of "there is not". But, actually I'm quite close to atheism, but I always keep a door open to prevent preconception.

A school where science, knowledge and free thinking is the starting point should choose a name that reveals that foundation.

Gert Level 7 Feb 17, 2018

@Crimson67 Good that you tell me and indeed it is silly if you look at it that way! But I can't help making a real consideration based on supposed consequences if you take the fictive situation for real. Always, what if……. What would I think of it if it were real. What would be my position. That's in my, sometimes nasty, core, I can't help it. Sometimes it makes a difference when people would say: "Suppose the fictive situation that …………… what would be your …………… what do you think how that would work out and how would people react. Not sure though if I would reply different. Probably I would, maybe I wouldn't. I'm just human. Special to myself and my immediate surroundings, positive or negative, nothing special for people that don't know me at all. That's how life is for me. My value for others is so depending on how people see me related to the world that surrounds me.


Satana school for the gifted


Set Secondary School . I'm guessing you know about After School Satan , but if not , check out this link below .


Dougy Level 7 Feb 17, 2018


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