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LINK Houston-area Walmart drive-by killing: Father pleads for help finding gunman - CNN

Little girl died from a gunshot in a Walmart parking lot. What a horrible ending to 2018 for this family.

HippieChick58 9 Dec 31

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There were 250,000 deaths from medical mistakes in 2018...and, more than the 70,237 drug overdose deaths in 2017. But, your moral outrage is focused on the relatively few gun deaths. Where is the emotional media coverage of those non-gun deaths?

Those deaths don't sell ads, in fact it costs them. That's why.

@motrubl4u That is true. Demagoguery assures high Neilson Ratings which in turn sells airtime.

[] Snopes says you're wrong.

@HippieChick58 "Medical mistakes" are not the same as "doctors" (read my orginal post). John Hopkins says I am correct...unless John Hopkins University is somehow a shill for the NRA? []


This is one of the reasons I will never visit the States again. I can never get used to the casual attitude about guns.

I live here, I'm former military and my dad/brothers were hunters. I can't get used to the casual attitude about guns. It just makes me ill.

@HippieChick58 I don't hunt but I'm not opposed to it. There certainly is not shortage of firearms in my 'hood, just very few handguns and strict rules about firearm storage and transportation. I have a solution which I have posted previously. Trade firearms and waive second amendment rights for universal health care. It would be voluntary. What do you think of that?

@Wangobango3 I learned how to shoot when I was in the Boy Scouts. I was 12 or 13 and was taught gun saftey by the NRA. The NRA was totally different back then, nothing like it is now. Somewhere along the line it was hijacked by a bunch of lunatics.

@19dacar52 gun safety is good. Open carry is insane.

@Wangobango3 I think concealed carry is just as bad. I used to work with a guy that always carried a gun. I did not know for years but one day he showed it to me. I never felt comfortable around him after that.


We need gun control.

Here's the problem with that. The people doing drive by shootings aren't obtaining them legally in the first place.

@motrubl4u Can’t we track where guns go? I thought you could track where guns go. Unless they’re 3D printed guns.

@Closeted not really no. They have a serial number yes but most criminals will file that off as soon as they get the weapon.

@motrubl4u How do they keep track of cars though? There has to be a way!

@Closeted there really isn't. Heck I know alot of backwoods old boys down here that keep some of theirs hurried in air tight containers.

@Closeted cars are totally different. They're easy to spot and people don't exactly hide them lol.

@motrubl4u Yeah I guess so.


Unbelievable. So sad.

Not at all unbelievable, unfortunately.

@Wangobango3 yes true. Actually quite believable 😟

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