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Fascinatingly scary


Excellent article... but don't try to confuse them with the facts because their minds are already made up. Sean Hannity took care of that.....


Bravo! EXCELLENT LINK! Thanks for sharing!


Excellent! Shared on FB.


Problem is the funding isn't for a wall per se it was requested by the department of Homeleand security for the wall, increased technology, roadways and more money to hire workers.But since you didn't get a good counter debate from the conservatives ill throw one your way.

  1. Walls do work but they have a diminishing scale to returns. Basic human behavioural principal tells you the more difficult you make a task the less likely some will attempt it.The question isn't do walls work it is how much effect will we gain by spending money on border security.

2.Most are overstayers but millions are not. Border Patrol caught and returned 173,000 people trying to cross year to date. Not to mention the ones that they didn't catch.

3.True but don't care. Drugs should be legal and regulated.

4.Wrong and terrible logic. Under the logic that it could be damaged by nature you shouldn't have a home to live in.

  1. Easily calculable and thats just how it works.

  2. you must have just made up the last one because its pretty silly. You hard mount electronic detection devices to and on the other side of walls and fences. Towers and given points of a wall greatly increase your ability to observe.History fact: The Great Wall of China's main purpose wasn't to stop enemy forces from invading, but give them an arduous path and allow quick communication through the kingdom to allow the Chinese to mobilize their armies.

7.No, because you're not gonna shoot them with machine guns without provocation

  1. Economist have calculated and shown the amount of deterrence the expanded walls have created on both illegals entering and exiting. There is a discernible and measurable effect. Unfortunately the preventive from exiting effect is stronger and caused a bottleneck and a growth in illegals remaining in the country.

9.See number 8. Weird you knew this but still presented number 8.

  1. That was the amount requested by border patrol.

  2. Its not terrible because the installation of an efficient wall could reduce our overhead costs. Also it would just go back into the economy anyway.

Trump has reiterated over and over that he wants $$$ for a "wall," so I don't quite understand how you argue that, "the funding isn't for a wall per se" when he has repeatedly said it is, and that Mexico would pay for it. As far as I'm concerned, the argument stops there. Mexico ain't payin' for the f'ing "wall," so let's leave if at that.

@Condor5 yes ,what the commander and side of beef says and what is written on the budget are two different things.
I know it's hard to believe Trump doesn't understand or is just lying about it but that's what it is.

@Biosteelman I don't think too many people are against border control measures, they are necessary; but 45's obsession with a "wall" is, imho, purely pandering to the 35% who hang on his every syllable. If reports are accurate, the Dems seem willing to fund other measures, which are less environmentally impactive.

When I was growing up, we (the U.S.) had programs for workers to come up from Mexico, especially to work the agricultural fields at harvest times. They were called braceros; they came up in buses, and went home after the harvests, everyone was happy with that arrangement, it seemed. But, for some reason, it went away, at least I haven't heard of it for years. I guess it got too politicized.

@Condor5 I think you're being too generous with too many people. Only because of the sheer volume of Democrats I've talked to on the matter, many lean to a purely open border.
The only point I was making is the money that the Republicans currently are asking for isn't purely for a wall it is an comprehensive upgrade to the border wall.

The funny thing about migrant farm workers and other migrant workers is the United States is stealing the labor population from our neighbor country. <<That actually hurts Mexico because GDP growth is a function of population and technology.

We are at a point of border security now though that if we don't create better deterrence we are in fact inviting migrant death. As many are forced to attempt to take a 10 day desert walk which requires about 2 gallons a day per person.

@Biosteelman open borders is a mistake, pure and simple.
The bracero program I referred to earlier was a win/win program as those who came up here were reliant on the program and it was done cooperatively with the Mexican government.

@Condor5 I understand it is a short term win-win but long term it isn't a win for Mexico. Seems like we're both on the same page though.

@Biosteelman pretty much on the same page, yep. The bracero program is long defunct, so it's a moot point on that.


First of all , most of them will not even read all the points here . And most of them can't do the math . And . I doubted they know anything of east Germany / Berlin .
Great read . Thank u for sharing .


I'm different than most folks. To me #4 is extremely important. A wall would impede the migration of large amounts of animals and added in with climate change would hasten the extinction of untold species.

gearl Level 7 Jan 2, 2019

The best way to understand why the wall is being pushed for is to understand that the same people who are pushing for it and its continued existence in the news is that it makes people who only think of Mexican/Central American immigration (in general) and the Mexico border as abstracts feel safe in their way of life that keeps that all as an abstract. As long as the hordes of gringos en el norte are safe in their feeling of never hearing sentences con mixandar linguas esta mas importante dellos gringos than it is to help even themselves. It reminds me of the people who also support/ed the P.AT.R.I.O.T. Act/s. The idea of some safety in their 'way of life/style' is more important than reality.

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