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LINK Netflix Drops Hasan Minhaj Episode In Saudi Arabia At Government's Request : NPR

By HippieChick589
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Still available here in the US.

St_Bobby Level 6 Jan 2, 2019

Remember the 60-70's? Government censorship!!! They wouldn't stand for it then.

powder Level 8 Jan 2, 2019

I'm amazed by thinking they, they being the assholes dictating this in god's name, are not going to be found out. The utter nonsense is unbelievable. Have they not heard of word of mouth? In the name of Jeebus deliver from this insanity....Oh, and olso send me a $100,000,000.00. Ok, back to the bong ?.

No creo en Dios!


I'm not surprised.

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