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Be honest! Have you ever let someone just fall during church when they caught the Holy Ghost?

I’m guilty of this. As twisted as this is, I actually just let a woman fall back one time because she would do the same stupid thing every sermon and she would purposely get in front of someone because she was certain someone would catch her. Well...she was certainly wrong that time.

By EmeraldJewel7
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I grew up in a Southern Baptist Church, so the only falling people did was falling asleep.

Dogpound9 Level 6 Feb 17, 2018

Can confirm. United Methodists don't even get real wine at communion. Welch's grape juice doesn't quite pack the same punch.


This made me LOL just picturing it. I did not have this experience in church, but I imagine my impulse would be to help if someone suddenly started falling. My arms would just reach out before I realized what I was doing. If I knew they had a habit of this for attention though....I might just let em look foolish.


As soon as I was old enough to not have to go to church with my mother, I stopped this activity. Given your scenario, Yea. She would have hit the floor.

Lol I quit as soon as I turned 18.


Another thing that would freak me out is people talking in tongues

Buddha Level 7 Feb 17, 2018

Trust me, it did. Thy said it was a language the devil couldn’t understand. Adults acting like children.

I happen to be fluent in gibberish! smile012.gif

I speak drunkenese, stondenavian and bableonian, but I don't speak in tongues.


Never experienced that but it sounds hilarious.

Lmfao it was. I was like 16 at the time.

@EmeraldJewel LOL! Did you get in trouble? How did you play it off?

@BlueWave I just said that I was off in a trance and I was seeing visions of Heaven, but I thought if she trusted the lord, he’d protect her.


Having never attended a church service, I've got no idea what this is all about. Why do people fall and need to be caught, and what does it have to do with the holy ghost?

Jnei Level 8 Feb 17, 2018

Lol I never understood it, either. I guess when the Holy Ghost come upon them. You get it? Come upon them? Lmfao!!!

@EmeraldJewel Reminds me of that old joke... What's white and shoots across the sky? The Coming of the Lord.

@VirginCotton Gosh. I don't think that sort of thing goes on in the average English village church!

@Jnei Trust me it's a specific sort of Church that does this. I was raised Roman Catholic and they don't do this. Also I have only met one Pentecostal practitioner in my life. At least I that's what that one called herself.

@RavenCT I believe there was a similar incident in the church down the lane from my house when Lady Fanshawe ate a slice of the fruitcake during the annual village fete, not realising that Mrs Tollemache-Smythe had accidentally substituted chili powder for cinnamon while baking it. It was the talk of the village - the most exciting thing to happen here since The Time The Cows Got Out.

@VirginCotton "Justified!" the TV series - that's where I've seen this. Eastern Kentucky brought the theme to the show right into my head.


You don't really see that kind of thing in most British churches, it is slowly gaining popularity but I haven't attended church since I was a kid. If it did happen near me I would let God catch them, I mean it's his fault they fell right? smile002.gif

Absolutely his fault, just like faith healing is an epic fail is fault.


I had an appointment with a millionaire preacher in Long Beach CA and he wanted to meet at the church right after the service. I arrived early in time to see: people babbling incoherently, lots of eye rolling and weird facial expressions, weird body movements, hands in the air waving frantically. All I could do was stand there and be amazed at how these idiots acted...If one of them fell against me, I would have recoiled in horror...

????????? sorry, but the visual is hilarious!!!


My brother used to get the Holy Spirit, when he was sitting right next to me in church. As a young child, this would frighten me. I didn't even want to be near him, let alone, catch him if he fell.

Galihad_Z Level 7 Feb 17, 2018

I remember during my videography career I was hired to document some book-hawking bigwig preacher (just picture that one end-times televangelist who is almost perfectly spherical and you'll have a good mental image of this guy -- what is it about these guys that makes them so freaking ROUND) and he was doing this bit of you need your "fresh oil of the holy spirit" and was touching people who then fell over backwards. Problem, some of his followers were in the same physical shape as the reverend and his assistants were having a harder and harder time catching them. This was one after another, touch forehead, roly-poly cultist falling over backwards, increasingly red and sweaty minions struggling to lower them safely. I just stood there and filmed it. Laughed my ass off the whole way home.


Well one thing is certain, she sure showed everyone how holy she was!
I remember one time an elder of a church started speaking in tongues. She then started to interpret them and then started to speak as if she was god. It started out praise him to praise me. love me worship me etc.

I thought how lame is this. (I was actually a believer at the time) God is performing a miracle right here and now and saying nothing at all but is on a ego trip. Why is he not giving us the cure for cancer or saying, John it would be better to help your neighbor clean their floor before tomorrow or they will slip and hurt themselves, it would be a better use of that time than playing with yourself while fantasizing about Fred wife like usual. Or buy a lottery ticket with this number and start a soup kitchen. You know, useful stuff. Instead "God" bored us with an ego trip. I walked out of that church that day with more skepticism.


I used to think about Ernest Angely's "catcher"
What a job ! Lol

Buddha Level 7 Feb 17, 2018

Oh yeah... let them


I have never even been to a church where temporary insanity is the norm.

The first 15 years of my life was nothing but said insanity. No temporary about it.


Go to You Tube and read the story of Kris Kristofferson and him telling how he wrote the song "Why Me Lord." Its the closest you will ever come to something as what you are looking for.

Will do.


Back in my Christian days. I saw people falling all over the place thinking like whatever they was smoking I want some but I never caught someone falling near me while they have a holy ghost. Because if they did it near me I would catch them.

Lol at when you said what was be smoking. I still need to find the answer to that so I could try it.


I haven't but I would like to (let them fall). Any complaint I would reply that it's up to Holy Spirit to provide a soft landing. Second answer, surely a sore ass is not asking too much to be 'one' with the HS. (Don't they pay those people to do it on camera?)

David1955 Level 8 Feb 18, 2018

Lmfao at your comment! Yeah I’m sure they pay on camera, just the people claiming to be leaked on camera from faith healers.


Hahaha I love it! Thank you for sharing this this experience. Hahahaha

JoeMastle Level 7 Feb 17, 2018

Does anyone here have any insight as to what occurs when someone is "slain in the Spirit"? Is it purely psychological, resulting from carefully prepared stagecraft, or are surreptitious means employed such as the use of fast acting narcotic powders that are released from the evangelist's hand as he reaches out to touch the foreheads of the faithful?

WTSharpe Level 6 Feb 17, 2018

There are a lot of folk who feel an obligation to fall down. As if giving validation to the person who is "laying hands" on them. Emotional hocus pocus with some YABADABA DO mixed in.


Why be there to let her down in the first place? Did you let yourself down first?

I was 16 at the time so I was still a minor and had no choice as my mom was very church going.

@EmeraldJewel Oh well. You could have had a word with your Mum that you thought the lady would have been more than you could handle in a prefect catch and swapped places with your Mum.

@Treasurehunter lol yeah, you’re right.


Lol! Too funny.

Dogpound9 Level 6 Feb 17, 2018

The churches I went to weren't like that.

Lol lucky! Every time someone caught the Holy Ghost, my little brother would be in confusion and asking me what was going on and why was grown-ups acting like this? All I could say to him was,” Some adults just take their love for their invisible friend to the next level.”

@EmeraldJewel Lol.


NAUGHTY GIRL! Let me buy you a drink!


That is sooooooo hilariously right!!! I used to have to catch them, but to a void being injured, I would "LET THE LORT HAVE HIS WAY" and let them bounce. Of course most times the preacher was pushing them back, which I later discovered was a trick to get spiritual brownie points for being so "powerful"........oh the games people play


No, but I've sure wanted to!

Lewellyn3 Level 5 Feb 21, 2018
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