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Creativity versus Creation. Your thoughts and understanding of the arts, in terms of history and present day purpose. ding ding Go!

ImpressionistMe 5 Feb 18

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Where traditional expression fails, art takes over. I think that's always been true. Its purpose is as varied as life itself. For the artist it provides emotional release, and in a beautiful way, it is equally personal to the observer.

Art has the same purpose today that it's always had: to provide people with a shared experience that challenges their perception.

Just my opinion.


As and artist myself, in my opinion, creativity and creation are the same thing. I don't see the difference. If you are being creative than you are creating.


Wow...could I go on...I consider my "creations" to "exist" to a degree...possibly in some distant reality with too many definitions of reality...

And are they even my own? I entertain several possibilities of a cosmic consciousness which far transcends the physical worlds' realities to which only we creatives are attuned.

In the end I have no idea why I'm so compelled to say, sing and show stuff to entertain others. I just know I like it. 😉


And in the naked light I saw
Ten thousand people, maybe more
People talking without speaking
People hearing without listening
People writing songs that voices never share
And no one dared
Disturb the sound of silence

Of course that is Simon and Garfunkel's, "The Sound of Silence". Which the group, "Disturbed", did a bad ass version of a few years ago. Art is consistent and it's purpose remains the same. It is a way of trying to connect that under tow we all experience, but don't have the nerves or words to express in everyday life

Ha! I love both versions.

@Blindbird me too. I heard it said, people didn't get the message the first time, so it was done louder and stronger the second time.

Didn't much care for Disturbed's version, but i've never been a fan of theirs.

This version came out a few years ago, and i like the spin they put on it. I've gotten to share the stage with them a few dozen times, hella nice guys to boot.


You speak with a scope and then I think, refer to a personal purpose. It is a part of the healthy human experience in a capacity of fulfillment to look to our interests, find passion and enjoy the journey in each creation in the pursuit. My purpose is compassion. In a therapeutic sense... if someone would just listen well enough to realize my compassionate discourse. It can be a bit abrasive at times as I am belligerent philosophically yet if understood, one would find peace. I have many purposes, they're all connected to keep them in perspective. Truly, the only thing which may be supposed as of paramount value is those conscious themselves, and so, connections with other beings are superlative in worth attribution. What follows, is that wealth of the heart and mind is a true value. Also, I suppose any old thing may be used as an expression of love or nurturance, so I recognize and adopt materialism even if for its own sake is unsavory. Speaking of creativity, as I am a writer, I find that it can't truly be forced. It must flow. Certainly, you may put yourself in a better position to flow, like take a shower, a shit even... or clean house if that puts you in a good place. Yet true beauty is an authentic expression of oneself or passion. As far as creation itself... aren't we beautiful beings? The entire tree of life is precious, but as sapience, our birthright, isn't it exceptional? The ability to originate -yes, often through our association, but through our abstraction and ingenuity creations that have meaningful content and purpose? Humanities pursuit of pleasing itself I find pleasurable 🙂


Oh no! My brain hurts I don't even understand the question!


Productions stay and go, like what contains all that, nice to know there is "meaning" sometimes in our ever-inconsistent surroundings.




I guess i'm here to play punk rock songs, buy guitars and tattoos, write books, drink crappy beer, and my paycheck says... sell insurance.

Is that meaning? Is that purpose?

I "understand" art in so far as i make it.
I slit my wrists, and it bleeds out.
I proverbially smash my skull with a metaphorical hammer (mainly a cocktail of depression, booze, introspection, angst, and a little more alcohol) and art falls out.

Art is being screwed up, knowing you're not the only one, sharing it, and hoping people identify enough that someone cries at your funeral. Or incarceration. Or divorce. Or something.


Art is the alchemy of transmuting feelings into form.

You make an instrument of your inner experience so someone else can pick it up and play themselves a song.

abject beauty of a response @Stinkeye_a remember my response to your post? We should chat more! This sounds like Gnosticism... although I disagree with the terminus manifestation that Gnosticism implies. I'm going to message you!

That is sooo beautiful!

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