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QUESTION If You Think Your Sex Life Is Tough, Try Being A Slug - YouTube

We might have it easier than we think.

BeeHappy 9 Feb 18

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EWWW, I hate slugs. Used to live in Western Washington. I'd salt the damn things and watch them die.

Girrrrl, that's mean!

@BeeHappy They were huge! And EWWWGGGLLLYYYY!! And they ate my hostas! My dog tried to eat one once, funniest things ever! Those ugly slimy things were bigger than an index finger.

I don't know, sounds like you got a lot of enjoyment out of their demise. 🙂

@BeeHappy It was a good science lesson for the kids.


@BeeHappy TV must be really bad atm where you are! 🙂


So much for the intelligent design

"Bbbbut dog made it in 6 days said Donald"


Glad I am not a slug, and should I meet a willing partner I am glad they are not either.

At least it stays alive unlike some that use the father for the next meal.

@FrayedBear Don't relish the thought of being a praying mantis or one of several other species that lose their heads over sex.

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