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Hope he joins his son in jail.


Fuck this is depressing...


I don't think the 12-year-old will be tried as an adult. Especially since what the POS said... Pathetic.


Sadly, there are probably millions of those crazy people that could go over the edge at any time.


You got that right. That is some stone thinking by the father. I hope he enjoys the jail time.


Horrifying, cruel. May they rot in jail for life.




No name or criminal record posted. Must be a Democrat voter. Had it been republican voter, that would have been printed and highlighted in large bold font.

My guess is Republican, they're twice as likely to own a gun as a Democrat. []

"A witness told police that Garcia had been arguing with the accused killer, Hieth Gleason, about alcohol prior to the shooting."

Guess you didn't bother really reading the article.

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