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The Cato Ins. is a republican creation of the Koch brothers and even they do not want the stupid monument.


You know what kind of damn wall works in rivers? Oh right a damn wall. Nevermind carryon.


The WALL is just fear mongering. Blame immigrants for the lack of jobs and crime. Just like using tariffs to keep jobs from going to China. It's all just stupid, ignorant ideas.


The one problem with that article is that it is much too long for Trump supporters to get through. Trump himself would probably not get past the first paragraph. I thought it was very well written but it could probably benefit from having an executive summary at the beginning.

Sadly you have a very good point.


It's not really supposed to work, just make a bunch of bigoted pinheads feel like they have a "win" over immigrants. What it is supposed to do, is bleed more money from taxpayers, to provide huge profit for owners of construction companies. There will be cut corners, inferior materials and the usual corrupt bullshit, and when done, the masses will be fed other ridiculous fears to promote the next boondoggle.


Maybe the money should be authorized and then let all the legal ramifications get in the way of actually having it built. Stupid is as stupid does in tRumps case.


So many WALLS in history have failed.

But he doesn't read history.

He probably doesn't read.

He doesn't read more than 140 characters at a time.


Only thing that wall will slow down the problem it's trying to solve. Plus its pissing a lot of people off.

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