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LINK Man treated in hospital after injecting himself with own semen

The article actually says, "he opted to discharge himself". Well yeah. That's the problem: he discharged himself into himself!

chalupacabre 8 Jan 16

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Ok, that’s weird

Yup, sure is!


That writer has an excellent sense of humor ?


um.....ok...sure ?fuck were fucked!


What an idiot! At least, he did not impregnate a woman and passed on his looney-tunes genetic material to another human beng.


I think there is widespread anecdotal evidence for this experiment. My girl says she always feels better whenever I inject her with my semen. Mouth vag or ass and she's happy for a day or two. I think I'll apply for a grant based on my theory. Probably get a zillion bucks for this one. Gov guys would love to have a study they could point to saying cum is good for women.


Someone must have told him to go fuck himself. People take things way to literally. lol

Got confused reading Gwyneth Paltrow's medical journals and lost track of when 'prick' was a verb and when it was a noun.

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