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This makes me sick. His pandering is biblical.


I'm glad everyone else commented so eloquently. I'm too nauseated to think clearly.


Hey, he could use some thoughts. Don't think he ever had an original one.


Now he just needs a bag of thoughts, then he can pass them out after the next shooting.

godef Level 7 Feb 20, 2018

What struck me was the smiles on those 2 men's faces...while families are burying their children, just a short distance from trump's SUMMER home! If this is my country...I have surely ended up in hell!


The only reaction I have to that is face-palming and cringing. Like, what a shit PR, self aggrandizing stunt that is. No, do something worth a shit if you actually care.

EDIT: From reading the comments in that article and then looking at the picture again, it's an even emptier gesture than I could have imagined. That picture was taken back in the summer (notice the trees), and the picture only came in recently. It's just a convenient picture to throw out now to get some easy PR points.

This is truly sick...they had to go back and look up that pic, for this occasion!!!

Looking at those pictures again, do we know for sure that these pictures are appears that those trees outside the Oval Office are evergreens, in recent Oval Office shots?


This is my fourth attempt at a comment. I keep writing really inappropriate things.
I'm just so disgusted with the whole damned thing.

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