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Ok so here's a random question...who has bunnies? Cause I love bunnies! Here is my love, Saffron.....or more appropriately...Her Imperial Highness, Empress Saffron!

Freespirit64 8 Feb 20

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Is she laying her Easter eggs yet?


I absolutely adore bunnies! I can't have any of my own in my current accommodation, nor could I when I was with my wife because we had ferrets; however, I have a friend who has four bunnies and I love going round to play with them - one of them always climbs in my lap and goes to sleep 🙂

PS: Saffron is gorgeous!

Jnei Level 8 Feb 20, 2018

Thank you! I think she's rather gorgeous. My oldest daughter had ferrets. We'd take our shoes off by the front door and the ferrets would always steal them.

@Freespirit64 Did you ever get them back...? They're incredibly good at hiding things - hence the phrase "ferreted away!" Their Latin name, Mustela putorius furo, actually means "weasel-like stinky thief" 🙂

@Freespirit64 My friend's four bunnies are called Smokey, Alfie, Leo and Lexie. I sometimes enter compertitions to try to win rabbit stuff for her and, so the company running the competition doesn't disqualify us, I use a photo of them and the names of my four imaginary bunnies Misty, Ralphy, Lex and Leonie.

That's the definition of a good friend!

Oh...and yeah...we would eventually find out shoes, among others things. They're favorite stash place was under the couch.

@Freespirit64 I found a ferret stash containing three socks, two USB memory sticks, a large rubber spider and a £5 note once. The odd thing is, I had no idea there was a rubber spider in the apartment, so I still have no idea where they got that from!


Not any more, but in the late 80s I had a litterbox trained rabbit named smeghead. it took a long time to teach him not to get on the counter. He couldn't get enough peperoni, so your pizza was at risk unless you stood up to eat. I miss him

Lol....rabbits don't understand no

@Freespirit64 actually he learned no pretty quickly except when it came to pizza or humping the raccoon I had at the time.


No bunnies for me, but she's beautiful.


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