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Where is the cry from the left? Why are we failing to view the Constitution on these matters and call out how illegal these bills are? This is why I am so disappointed inthe left . We do not know how to fight these idiots. It is the same with the guns. Why aren't we showing how many reps are owned by the gun lobby and voting against the demands of the country. Are dems so lame and untried that they cannot mount a defense in these matters . Help Help.


Look at who he put in charge of Public Education, a woman that knows nothing about the topic but whose agenda is to shut down as many public schools as possible. An uneducated population is an enslaved population to the haves.


So much for the division between church and state

jeffy Level 7 Feb 21, 2018

Because the more religious people you keep in your gun belt, the more sheep you have to follow you.


This is truely sickening. In 2 and a half years, when we can VOTE, this perverted person out of the WhiteHouse...America's children will have lost that many important years of their education. How is this legal? If Obama had done something like this, people would have burned the WhiteHouse, down!! Now, it appears 100 million people are staring helpless through their tears as their country is dragged into fundamentalism!


Has separation of church and state gone by the wayside? Is this even legal?

It is if it is available to schools of every religious persuasion. I've yet to see the data regarding this.


Disgraceful. Best word to describe Trump is Trumpery.

Gohan Level 7 Feb 20, 2018



At least he is consistent. Every day there is a assault on something that I believe, or hold as being the right way. Like make our public schools as good as we can.


It is truly astounding that Trump does a lot of illegal stuff , ignores the constitution, condemns people, lies constantly and then hurts the non white, non religious people. And the republican congress is the largest gathering of cowards possible. they sit there pretending Trump is good.

EMC2 Level 8 Feb 20, 2018

Lets see how long it takes for a shooting in these schools. It will knock out the wind in the sails of prayer being a remedy to shootings.

Of course this is unconstitutional but this doesn't seem to bother him nor his lackeys.

Oh yes, the Center for Inquiry another excellent atheist group.


I don't see anywhere in the article where it lists what religion, or religions these schools are affiliated with. If they are exclusively one type, then it is illegal, as that is holding one religion above another. It also doesn't mention that this money makes these schools subject to government standards and criteria. It's still for education. I'm just saying, is it really that bad if it helps get these schools on board with teaching facts along with what they already teach these kids?

Do you actually think that religious schools concern themselves with facts that do not serve their interests?

@nvrnuff they do if they want to keep their government funding. I'm just pointing out the positives of this situation. I've noticed in the only one who isn't immediately damning this. Why so pessimistic?

@jayneonacobb Because it is a violation of the separation of church and state, and diminishes the quality of education of students who can't afford private schools thjrough defunding.

@nvrnuff no it isn't. Go read the law. As long as one religion isn't given preferential treatment over any other the government can fund religious schools. If there is a fund available for all religious schools that want it and comply with standards then it is perfectly legal.


I think that is not right on all kind of levels.

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