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QUESTION 183 Coffins For Idaho Children Killed By Faith Healing Parents

You truly have to be insane to believe that an invisible man in the sky can really heal the sick and dying. And what is more insane is that we really have in this day-and-age asking “Idaho lawmakers to repeal the state’s faith-healing exemption.”

Scorpio_gurl 6 Feb 20

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Amish get special business laws in some states. like no Work Comp requirement

twill Level 7 Feb 21, 2018

The law in Idaho is downright shameful and murderous.


Where is the logic in giving people the impression that modern medicine can't help a sick child? There are so many laws now, that it simple makes my head swim!


Just like in Ohio where the Smucker family wanted to kill their own children via prayer, but the legislature finally said "NO!" And they overturned the law.

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