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LINK Trump reportedly walked out of a policy meeting to watch TV

This is so sad.... not to mention embarrassing... even for those of us who didn't vote for him.

snytiger6 9 Jan 23

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The Jerry Springer Show must have been on!


It’s sad but it makes me laugh at the same time.

Yeah, I can relate to that feeling.


How low can he go. Ya think he'd be near the core of the earth by now.

Well, if we weren't all a bunch of atheists and agnostics we could theorize that Trump being demonic, he coudl withstand the heat of the earths core. However we don't believe in demons.


Not surprising for Trump. I have low expectations for him, but he even continues to undercut those.

I hate saying it can’t get worse; it seems they take it as a challenge rather than a cry of despair!

Yeah, i was really disappointed when rump was elected. I decided to make the best of it, rige him the benefit of a doubt, and sincerely hoped that he proved all my worst fears wrong. He has exceeded my worst fears and keeps getting worse.

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