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What Are 2 Movies You've Never Watched That Everyone Else Has?

I've never watched: The Notebook
I've never watched: Grease

I know, huh? Shocker!

SleeplessInTexas 8 Jan 24

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I wish i could say i never saw the Notebook or Grease.


Avatar, Harry Potter, anything that has comic book characters in it, actually anything that is anamated... anything considered a 'romantic comedy' or 'horror' is also out (same thing imo)
I don't really watch movies I guess lol Unless it's a documentary or at least is based on a true story.

Agreed...but I do like horror.

I am a sucker for romantic comedies....


Any of 'The Fast and The Furious' movies.

@BobbyJaan I've seen them all!❤ I didn't like the 1st one. The rest were effin awesome! I love car racing movies. ??

@SleeplessInTexas Then I hope you saw Mad Max: Fury Road ( more of a chase than race movie )


frozen and the nightmare before christmas. 😟

Nardi Level 7 Jan 24, 2019

@Nardi I haven't watched either of them.

@SleeplessInTexas Then we are both a couple of saddo's 🙂

I effing hate Disney.

I have seen frozen too many times, that does not include seeing them on ice or at the theater, getting a karaoke machine from frozen and hear it played over and over in my house. "Let it be..." yes I have a daughter...

@AlexRam You mean, "Let it go..."? Hahaha! I've never seen Frozen. I just know the lyrics to the songs because of the children's clinic I used to work in. ?

The precious little girls would come in with their costumes and toys and little voices singing. It was awesome!

@SleeplessInTexas Yes that is the one... At one point we had dresses, cups school backpack etc. What a great marketing play they did on that one.


Never saw Titanic

Never saw Schindlers list


Pretty much any horror movie.

Yes same here

Right there with you both


It would probably be easier to list the ones I have seen. Movies have never been a priority in my life.


Titanic (1997) and Black Panther.


The Great Liebowski: it just seems stupid.
Harry Potter: I tried, really I did. Less than ten minutes and I was bored off my tits.


100s of films Titanic (seems pointless, I know the ending)
Any boy's films with guns and cars


Star Wars and Harry Potter

GASP! how can you not watch Star Wars?

I’m not crazy about Star Wars, especially those after the original movie.
HP, I addressed above.

I never saw the first one so didn’t want to see the second and so it went on, might get round to it sometime!


Lots and lots of movies and TV shows too. I rather read a book than watch a movie.


I grew up Without a TV so that list is super long.

Me too, largely. I still don’t have one in my home.

@CarolinaGirl60 I do but I still do not have cable. My kids never even once asked for it.

I usually go to the movies once a month also but my kids pick the movie so I fall asleep most of the time, I call it my $10 nap.


The Notebook
50 Shades of Gray


Excuse me if I get the names wrong.

'E.T. The Extraterrestrial' and 'Avatar'. -- I watch a few movies but I've never been these.


Every single Harry Potter film except the first one.

I've seen Grease - you're way better off seeing a good version of the stage musical.

@bleurowz I've seen all Harry Potter movies. ?

I thought the first couple were ok on HP, then they lost me.


Do I count as anyone, among everyone, else? I’ve not watched either Grease or The Notebook, though I’ve seen enough snippets of Grease I know it only too well.


Avatar... all Transformer movies


The Potter and Lord of the Rings series, as well as most of the recent superhero and transformer movies. Frozen. I know there is likely value in Potter and Rings, and maybe some day, but for now there are just so many other great things being done by Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon.


Harry Potter

I read all of the comments so far to try to find another

Oh...I know...the Saw movies...too gory for me...


Anything recent, and most even before then. I have not watched a movie in over a decade.

I also do not watch network TV. I've never (not even once) watched Friends, Seinfeld, reality anything, CSI and on and on and on.


Scarface and A Christmas Story

Scarface was excellent.



Forrest Gump


This Notebook thing everyone keeps mentioning... Ive honestly not even heard of it.

That and Gone WIth the Wind.

You haven’t missed anything!


I have never seen the Godfather I could never make past the title.

@azzow2 The Godfather (all of them) are the greatest ever! I've watched 'em ALL! They're not for everyone. ??

@SleeplessInTexas tell us the truth, in no way, please, can you justify III as the best? Y'all say Texas and yo one Senator says III is best, which no critic, nor no one I've ever met would agree with.

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