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Will Trump win? #biblesinschools

He has broken the law before. Will bibles be allowed in schools? knowing that he does what he feels like. Comment below. #InstaJacome

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By Instajacome3
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Please go back and research the topic, then reword your poll.

KKGator Level 9 Feb 16, 2019

Bibles are allowed in schools, just like any other piece of literature. But the Resident of the White House will never get his way if he is aiming at establishing christianity above any other religion in taxpayer-funded schools. The Establishment Clause is a bitch to so-called christians.


I feel certain that The Satanic Temple will show up with their literature, as they have in the past, to show that Christianity is not the only religion in this country and that will end any attempt to allow bibles in as a teaching tool. I know kids can have one with them but I mean forcefully taught, and not just in a comparative religion class.


If bibles are allowed, the Quran and all holy books have to be allowed.

MrDMC Level 6 Feb 1, 2019

That's why the idea won't go anywhere. As soon as they realize that no matter how much they may want to they can't make Christianity the national religion.


The poll is poorly worded. Bibles ARE allowed in schools.

Do you mean organized prayers? Required prayer time?
Bible studies? Etc.


Bibles have always been "allowed" They just can't be "required". It should lose in court.

Della Level 6 Jan 29, 2019

We all know this isn't about comparative religion or literature (the bibble is NOT well-written.) It's about child evangelism. And this is unconstitutional. Send a few dollars to the ACLU or FFRF....they'll be fighting it.


Bibles and prayer is and has always been allowed in school, they are just not allowed to be used by teachers and administration in any way as instructional material.

jlynn37 Level 8 Feb 16, 2019

Trump couldn't care less about bibles. He's never even read one. But the bible thumpers will always try to inject their propaganda, wherever they can!

davknight Level 7 Feb 16, 2019

I doubt it. But if it happens, it's not a problem. I'm perfectly capable of teaching my kids to think things through rather than accept everything that is shoved down their throats.


We had roman and greek mythlogy, I loved learning all those stories. So I was very vocal about those stories being no different than Bible stories, I wasn't well received by anyone in class including the teacher but no one could explain how they knew for sure that their myths were true and the others weren't true, except to say they were true because they were in the Bible. Crazyness I could never be a zealot.

Ktcyan Level 7 Feb 4, 2019

It absolutely shouldn't happen. So it probably will. It'll be a mess.

All hail the theocrazy.

MLinoge Level 7 Feb 4, 2019

It's unconstitutional and wrong to force any particular religious belief on young children, so I hope not.

Daemon Level 3 Feb 4, 2019

I could be wrong. But as I posted in another past post if they want to teach religion in school they should teach all religions when they are old and mature enough to ask questions.

ajr715 Level 6 Jan 31, 2019

You can take your Bible to school now. A teacher can't teach it as fact in class. That doesn't seem to stop some of them from trying, though.

Deb57 Level 8 Jan 29, 2019

Bibles isn’t really problem or priority now to think about


Bibles won't be allowed outside of use in comparative religions or, and here they could sneak some in, through some English literature classes. When i taught English lit, for the 1600's, some elements from the King James Bibly would be included for language.


FFRF will sue the shit out of his ass

snifflz Level 7 Feb 18, 2019

Schools may not prohibit students from brining bibles to school. Teaching bible studies in public schools is unconstitutional.

wordywalt Level 8 Feb 16, 2019

Keeping religion out of public spaces is a long established rule and it is not only the 1st amendment but has been upheld numerous times by the Supreme Court. Of course personal bibles can be had but the question assumes they are used for proselytizing. One jerk and his jerk lackeys cannot change that, at least without a long hard battle. Remember, he and his only have a short time left and short of martial law and a takeover they will be gone soon.


Bibles are already allowed in schools...

In private schools. One letter and threat of a lawsuit (from FFRF) gets them removed from any public schools. It is illegal and they are breaking the law (the question says "be allowed." )

@JackPedigo They're already allowed in public schools. Anyone can bring theirs.

Perhaps TC should provide more context. Of course, he hasn't been here in over two weeks, so...

@JackPedigo No, in PUBLIC schools. Personal bibles are allowed. Bible classes are allowed (bible as literature, not bible as religion; also the bible could be included in a comparative religions class, but no single religion can be taught AS religion). Bible passages are allowed (in literature, not as religion). Praying is allowed (on own time, down time, or non-disruptive time). This is the law, and FFRF knows this and does not get involved in these circumstances. FFRF only gets involved if school personnel lead prayers, religious classes, etc., during official school time, which is illegal. Students are free to "pray around the flag pole" before or after school, pray with each other at lunch, etc. Students can even pray silently during class during down time (or read the bible, or Koran, or Torah, or Dianetics) as long as it is not disruptive to others.

Students can even proselytize as part of their freedom of speech, religion, and thought during appropriate, non-disruptive times, as long as they stop when anyone says they are not interested or do not wish to talk about it. (However, the standard of "disruption" could become an issue of a huge number of students want to proselytize so often that learning is diminished. In that case a lawsuit could be involved, and probably won.)

@greyeyed123 I was speaking in the sense of proselytizing (as I stated). Perhaps I have seen too many lawsuits (won) by FFRF and have gotten a one-sided view of this. I amended my comment after seeing some of the others and realized I was looking at a narrow view.
That being said, there was a case a couple of years ago where an art teacher was teaching a class in calligraphy. She wanted to show this art using different national scripts and, unfortunately, used the Koran to demonstrate the beautiful Arabic script. She was fired. So much for religion being used for historical purposes.

@JackPedigo The calligraphy thing wasn't as innocent as you portray it. The teacher was having the students copy down the Islamic profession of faith as part of the class.

"There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.”

That clearly crosses the line into direct religious instruction in a public school setting.

Christian parents were rightfully outraged, but so should all other parents who value the separation of church and state.

@greyeyed123 Thanks, I read several accounts on this and none of them mentioned this. I would have thought she could have sued. Was she a Moslem?

@JackPedigo I don't know if she was a Muslim, but it doesn't really matter. You cannot require students in a public school to make a statement of any faith--not even hiding behind calligraphy to do it. It sounds like the teacher just made a stupid mistake that ballooned very quickly. It happens.

@greyeyed123 That's mostly what I have heard. Of course if this were a christian saying, proselytizing or not she would have had no trouble. These people don't seem to understand what religion means.


Creationism is bad for kids.

h_step Level 3 Feb 14, 2019

He might


On the Seventh Day, the Seventh Angel blew her trumpet seven times. And out speweth Seven Harlots, who broke seven seals, from which speweth forth Seven Trumps upon the land!

davknight Level 7 Feb 13, 2019

Depends upon where you live --in the Bible belt, even before Trump, Bibles and all things Southern Baptist were all over public school. On the West Coast, I don't see it as much.

Busylady Level 4 Feb 8, 2019
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