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QUESTION Green Pigs? Something on the ‘lighter’ side

Corporations are going crazy trying to get people’s attention. I’m surprised churches don’t do advertising. Well one thing for the people of Seattle their parks are even more important than churches. A real Estate group is trying to get in on the hyper inflated market and are using all kinds of tricks even green pigs. The locals aren’t happy and want them gone, now.

JackPedigo 9 Feb 22

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I had heard Jerry Brown in .CA signed a bill into law that is going to force companies into going green. Guess he did not like the companies revenue very much thousands of jobs are going to go down the tubes. Those companies are just going to close or relocate. Just wonder if there is any politicians with brains in office.. The last one I can remember hearing about was Christy Whitman that as NJ govener several years ago. Surprised PITA is not on the green pig issue.


If it was a temporary display for a charity or kids function I would be ok with it, but for corporate marketing, I would be removing it personally if it was in my local park or on my beach.


Dumb and dumber


Churches are using commercials see my post in General topics! (Tonight). I about died. I predicted this decades ago.

BTW cute green pigs. I understand people being upset because you usually pay for advertising space and public places etc.... but as someone who worked with people who did advertising - this was clever! lol


Churches don't advertise where you live?

I'm sure they do but not like this.


Placing signage in public spaces should be controlled by a by-law, wish I could get the video to play to see what the case is.

Here it is: []

It's funny but it works at my end. Maybe it works for some and not others.

It's a real estate company that has set up lots of these Green Pigs around the city. The idea is to get people wondering what is going on and looking into it get connected to the realtor.

The problem is that the people don't like their parks being desecrated with advertising and are protesting, loudly and pulling the pigs.

@RavenCT Thanks, for the story. What a gauche idea they need to be fined and charged the full cost of clean up, making donation just does cut it.

@JackPedigo I have a very slow internet service it is a nightmare to download system upgrades and things like movies are out of the question. Joys of living in the country.

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