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I Am Starting To Get Into This Kamala Harris

I just started reading her book and i find her quite interesting.
We have something in common, We both came from an Indian Mother.


twshield 8 Feb 2

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She sure seems to have the goods! My psychiatrist was Indian and I would vote for her in a heartbeat! I am watching Kamala!


Not a huge David Brooks fan, but he did write this a couple of days ago:

@twshield Well, Brooks does seem to be up in arms over Trumpism. Maybe a Democrat is as close as he can get to "Republican Classic".


I listened to her the other night and liked what I heard


She doesn't support universal healthcare - at least not at this time. I don't see why anyone would oppose that.


she did advocate Medicare for all

@twshield You mean like higher taxes?

@twshield, @mojo5501 I'm glad she's trying, then - why all the pushback?

@twshield Anything must be better than what we have now.

@Closeted A fair and reformed tax system is better than an unfair and unjust healthcare system.

@twshield Well you would know better than me.

@twshield I was showing a Canadian friend around Chicago a few years ago, and he was buying clothes right and left. He kept marvelling at how low the sales tax is.

@twshield What we have now is pretty expensive. My premiums and deductible are through the roof, and I have a booklet saying what my dental insurance won’t pay for. There’s a price, but it would be nice if no one died because they couldn’t afford insulin.

@twshield Like I said, our current system is expensive. If universal healthcare is expensive too, then it can only mean one thing - healthcare is expensive, no matter how it’s done. The only question is who has access to it.


I really liked her approach during the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. As a refresher:

I am continuing to learn more about her background. She is certainly in my top 3 at this point, too.

It will be interesting and terrifying to see how this all shakes out.

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