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LINK Scientists Discover Giant Hole Beneath Rapidly Melting Antarctic Glacier | HuffPost

Scientists warn a Thwaites Glacier collapse could cause a dangerous rise in sea levels and threaten coastal cities around the world.

By HippieChick589
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"But her e-mails!"

MLinoge Level 7 Feb 8, 2019

Didn't Al Gore say ago that we would have a 30 foot rise in sea levels in ? Life is a dead end... does how really matter? Enjoy it while you got it! Notice the rich and powerful are still buying ocean front.

dave1459 Level 6 Feb 7, 2019

OK! This is a post that delete several words... between ago and that should be the words 10 years and between in and the ? should be 10 years. What the heck is gong on? And why can't I dislike the fact that someone cutting out the words?

@dave1459 Sometimes there are glitches in the programming. It is very frustrating.


This is a truly horrifying idea.

Boudica Level 5 Feb 6, 2019

We are already gone...but the billionaires have yachts...

slydr68 Level 8 Feb 6, 2019

i have read reports that volcanoes & fissures in the earth's crust under oceans could contribute to the melting of ice shelfs.
strange that i didn't notice any mention of that in that huffpost report. maybe b/c it doesn't fit in with the mainstream/govt news that any warming whatsoever is caused by humans.


I read the Guardian article from your link. It does connect human caused global warming to more active under ice volcanoes because the thinning ice is relieving the pressure on the volcanoes. Also there is nothing in that article about under ice volcanoes creating large holes underneath glaciers.

@kmdskit3 ,
the thinning ice is relieving pressure on the volcanoes??
if there is a tremendous amount of heat escaping from a volcano under an ice shelf you don't think that would melt a hole under it?

@callmedubious Again, what you're saying is not in the article you linked to. In fact, as I said in my original comment, the article directly contradicts what you've said.

@kmdskit3 ,

Hidden Volcanoes Melt Antarctic Glaciers from Below

Using data from airborne radar, the researchers were able to figure out where these subglacial streams were too full to be explained by flow from upstream. The swollen streams revealed spots of unusually high melt, Schroeder said. Next, the researchers checked out the subglacial geology in the region and found that fast-melting spots were disproportionately clustered near confirmed West Antarctic volcanoes, suspected volcanoes or other presumed hotspots.


@callmedubious Now you've given some evidence that volcanism under glaciers is contributing to the loss of ice in Antarctica. However in this new article it still says this is a very complex dynamic and:
"West Antarctica is also hemorrhaging ice due to climate change..."
So yes volcanism and humans are contributing to this catastrophe.


There’s been a hole there for decades large enough to fly a 747 out of as well as there being a 500 year old map with descriptive land details that are pretty accurate.

Just saying that they need to not pump the fear machine so hard.


I read about that yesterday..Not Good...

Charlene Level 9 Feb 6, 2019
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