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QUESTION A Teenager Could Run Kansas Better than Sam Brownback - Rolling Stone

This has been hashed over in my part of the world for the past 6 months (so it's no longer "news" to me), but I'm pleasantly surprised to see it take national attention ...

Example of how Brownback has truly fucked over this state ... fucked our state economy to where teenagers are fucking done.

evestrat 8 Feb 24

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A doorknob could as well..


Relax,, I’m in another part of the world, London to be specific. From your statement it seems to me this guy is a politian. Please don’t feel you have the monopoly on this kind of lowlife, they exist in every country, all over the planet. James

Leon Level 5 Feb 24, 2018

That kid has a few good ideas, but his stances on abortion and gun control are in my opinion, fucked up.

@evestrat Look on the bright side. You're getting rid of a big problem and you'll have a lot of choices on who to replace him with. 🙂


Doing better than Brownback IS a pretty low bar. The Herr Drumpf national tax slash and burn is going down the same road. 😟


He put his logic in Jesus.

@evestrat but you don't have proof it doesn't work. Intellectual integrity is useless in the field of public opinion. "Proof" is the only word the public will take as truth. That's why lawyers talk about having proof that some things never happened. I wish scientists were allowed to talk like lawyers...

@evestrat It's so dirty a word that scientists have no problem shouting 4 letter words at actual data and evidence all day.

@evestrat It would be awesome if CSI and all the procedurals would get on board with that and start teaching the difference. I sadly feel like that may be our best hope. Here's a great clip from Neil DeGrasse Tyson that I wish everyone understood


It will be good to leave Brownbackistan.


I lived in Kansas from 1999 to 2005. I'm so glad I got my kids through those schools before Brownback became governor. He has F'd up that state so bad it may be generations to recover. We used to feel superior to the KC MO side, no longer so.

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