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How are you all spending your Saturday? I'm having Chinese,watching Big Trouble In Little China and mowing the lawn.????

OpposingOpposum 9 Feb 24

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Great movie! What's funny about that movie is that the advertisers and the marketers of that movie didn't get that Jack Burton was the sidekick - which was John Carpenter's and Kurt Russell's actual intent of the movie. Kurt Russell confirmed this in an interview.

Or maybe the advertisers did "get it" - which doesn't make my last comment funny at all.


Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo...
Good food but kinda boring this year...

Aww. That sounds like it should have been fun.

@Blindbird it wasnt horrible but just not as exciting as previous years


Sleeping mostly, I didn't fall asleep until 9am or so and not wake up until maybe 3-4pm. I spent all night hanging with my friend drinking and watching netflix before wandering out to the lake until like 7am. Now I'm just listening to music, watching some videos, and trying not to go nuts over the noise in the house with my brother over. I think I am the only light-footed walker in the family....


Driving from Indianapolis to Tampa Florida. It's been rain all the way so far



Saturday is done and dusted here, it rained, a lot, apart from quick trip to the beach, spent the day online, and cooking.


I'm on with my boys and my fish tank.


Out sick on the couch with my cat.

Sorry to hear that. I hope you're better soon.


Mowing the lawn?? Must be warm where you are. Its cold and rainy here, cleaned house, did the laundry and thinking about checking out Netflix.


Did a couple little things with model trains, cleared off the workbench and I'm gonna see a movie later.

What movie?

"ANNIHILATION".... pretty good flick! Reminded me of Lovecraft's "The Color Out Of Space."


I'm a lot farther north so mowing a lawn is out of the question. Saturday is one day when I usually do the laundry; today, I even hung some of the clothes outside for a while. I love the fragrance of line-dried clothes.


I am watching the Olympics. The only sports I watch consistently. Cheer for the underdog. All I want is good effort I don't care who wins. Actually North Korea did well in pair skating.


Binging Supernatural.

Nice! Hunting monsters killing things,the family business.

Not the easiest way to make a living,but it certainly keeps one occupied.


Laying around with my dogs listening to music. Wishing it would stop raining so I can mow my lawn🙂

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