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Black Face SNL

twshield 8 Feb 10

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If you go back far enough, you have to contend with pictures of Amos and Andy, Charlie Chan, Al Jolson, etc. Things are better now but I think we still have a way to go.


Back in college I met a white guy who dressed up in blackface in the 2000s. He dressed up as the planeteer from Africa in the tv cartoon show Captain Planet. I didn't know him when he did blackface. I only found out after becoming "friends" with him on Facebook and scrolling through his pictures. I was shocked that no one said anything in the comments. He, along with a lot of his friends, were super religious (Christians). I took a screenshot of the photo.


what if it iwas the seventies?


LOL - SNL mostly misses the mark, but this is funny. "Both Michael Jacksons" LMAO I guess it's a good think MJ isn't around anymore; He would be attacked for cultural appropriation and "white facing".

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